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Have you ever wondered what your life is all about? Would you like to to live a fulfilling experience as you make your way through your journey in this world?

If so, Welcome to You Unlimited. It is so wonderful that you have found your way to this site, because this is a fantastic place to start.

What is You, Unlimited?Welcome

You Unlimited is a site dedicate to helping people live a life of personal significance. It is more than information, but it is a community of people who are here to help and support each other. It was (re)founded in July of 2015, by Don Francis, who has a vision of providing a place for people to help each other on their journeys’ through this life.

We are creating something special here. Without its members, this would just be another website hanging out there in cyberspace, but our members make this a vibrant and exciting place to learn and grow.

To understand more about what this site is all about, what we envision, and how it all came about, I suggest that you visit our About Page.

Our Community

As I said, the members of our community are really the backbone of You, Unlimited. This site is written for the members, to help spark the conversation about what it is like and how to go about living a life of personal significance. But most of the value of the site is in the interaction of the members with each other and with the information on the site. This interaction happens through the forums provided to members as a place to discuss, debate, and create.

You are invited to join our community. Check out what it is all about by clicking on the link below.

Join Us!

Check out our Resources Page. This is a place where we store links to articles, blogs, videos, books, websites, course, and anything else we come across that may be of some assistance to our members as they we all work toward living that life of personal significance. Resources

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments that aren’t about a particular article or post, please feel free to throw them out to me by using the form on the Contact Page. I am always so happy to hear from the site’s visitors. The fact that you take the time to reach out is indication enough for me that I am providing some value to you. Contact Page

For now I invite you to take a browse through the posts that I have written to this point. Please take the information as one person’s opinion, for I don’t believe there is one true answer to anything (as you will discover by reading the posts.) Please leave comments so that we can continue the discussion around the topic. I personally read all of the comments and I keep a close eye on the forums so that I know what is going on and what might be hot topics to do additional posts about.

If you have any topics you would like to see a blog post about, please, please, please let me know. This is your community and it needs to have value to you. What you are interested in is of interest to me.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to connecting with you through the pages of this website. Connect with us through social media using the links at the bottom of the sidebar to the right...and help us spread the word the more people involved here the more valuable the site will for all of us.

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