30 Day Challenge Results (2nd go)

Try Two“It is not the results that matter. It is the experience in attaining the results that is really important. We grow through experience, not through results.”

~ Don Francis

It is now 30 days since I started my second attempt at my 30 day challenge of simplifying my life and focusing on the things that are most important to me. This time around I had some better success, mostly due to the fact that I kept my focus better, and remembered that I was trying to accomplish something.

Still, I wasn’t perfect at this. I did manage to knock a few things off of my list…things that I did not replace, at least not right away. As I found myself freer and making more progress on the important items that I have in my life, I found myself almost bored.

My intent was first, to simplify, and secondly, to truly experience life, in the present, fully. Simplify I did. I chose things on my “to do” list that would take little time and I did them. I chose things that no longer served me, and I eliminated them, letting the people they would affect know that I was eliminating them (an interesting side note, a few people had forgotten all about  what I had promised to get done, and so, they were quite fine with it, and impressed that I had actually taken the time to let them know of my intent to let these things go.)

With the time freed up, I did focus on an important item. I focused intently. And then things started to happen that I didn’t expect. My focus became almost a deterrent to continuing to work on the important project. I felt like I was forcing myself to work on it. When I felt his, I started to lose interest. It became a chore to work on it, even though I knew it was important.

Thus, as I tried to truly experience my task, I found myself almost despising it. I found myself unable to get to the place where I was fully experiencing it, and enjoying the experience. The focus had the opposite effect that I had intended by taking on this challenge.

The second part of “Experiencing” was actually aided by this difficulty with my “important” task. I started to enjoy the other things I was doing with my time. I reveled in them, finding delight in everything, as long as it wasn’t my important task. I found myself doing more of the things I wasn’t forcing myself to do, and less of the thing I knew I should be doing.

Even at that, I started to get bored. I am used to having a lot to do. I am used to having a variety of things I can turn to. When I am stuck on something, I can usually let it rest while I pursue other activities. I found this more difficult, with fewer items on my plate.

Finally, I started looking for other items (new items) to fill my plate. I know this isn’t what I was supposed to be doing, but I am so used to being busy that I just couldn’t help myself. I took on more things, even though I knew this wasn’t the plan.

I concluded that I will need more work, and to keep trying, if I am to be successful at my challenge. I did, however, gain some insight into my nature, as it currently stands. I did find out that I like to be busy, although I cannot be certain how pure my motives are. Am I running from something? Am I avoiding things by being too busy to address them? Am I covering fears and anxiety with activity? There are questions that I need to take some time for serious consideration of.

Was I successful at my challenge? What do you think? I didn’t get the outcome I expected, but does that make it a failure? Did you try the challenge with me? Were you successful? Leave a comment and let the community know what you think, either about my success/lack of success, or about your own experience. We want to know what you have to say. We’re listening.





30 Day Challenge Results (2nd go) — 2 Comments

  1. I like to be busy too. However, like you I find myself spending more time on the things that don’t matter so much, rather than the thing I should really be working on. I find though, that once I start it, I usually keep going, and wonder why didn’t I just tackle it first thing.
    I’m easily distracted, especially in the on-line world. So much info, so little time. Thanks for your distraction today! It was worth it!

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