A Life of Personal Significance

"A life of personal significance is a life where you matter most to yourself. It is a life lived in the fulfillment of your purpose, through your passions and preferences. It is the most satisfying life that you can imagine multiplied by ten million."

~ Don Francis

The whole point of this blog and this website is to help people along the path to living a life of personal significance. That’s really an easy thing to say, and a much more difficult thing to do. But before I get started, I need to answer that one burning question for you.

“Don, what the heck do you mean by ‘a life of personal significance?’” Well that is a very simple question with a very complicated answer. In this post I will try to answer it to the best of my ability, given the limitations of the English (or any other) language.

FireworksYou see, living a life of personal significance is quite an abstract concept, yet it has its foundation in some very concrete areas of our lives. BUT…it is a challenging, exhilarating, live by the seat of your pants way to live! It may sound dangerous from that description, but what I am trying to get across is that your life of personal significance will thrill you, no matter what it is that does that for you.

Where We Come From

It is my belief (you don’t have to share my beliefs to get great value out of what I am going to say here) that we come to this physical plain from the non-physical…or at least a part of our non-physical self does. We come here to experience things that will expand the Universe. That is our true purpose in this life…to expand the Universe.

We choose the circumstance of our birth and we come eagerly into this world to live the contrast it provides to us. When we first arrive, we are excited to get started experiencing, growing, and expanding. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) we come into the world remembering who we are and what we are here to do, but we are surrounded by people who have already forgotten their connection with Source energy…the non-physical…and so we allow ourselves to be trained into their way of thinking.

And that is where we currently find ourselves…some have been at this for longer than others, but as we go through life, we find ourselves called (usually very subtly) to rediscover who we are and our reasons for coming here.

When we listen to that call, we begin to move toward living a life of personal significance.

What Does A Life of Personal Significance Look Like?

SmileWe all come here to this life as equals. Each of us is no less or no more important than any other person. Of course, circumstances differ, and we all have completely unique experiences…completely unique lives…but each of us is as significant as all others. It doesn’t matter if you are born into “Royalty” or if you are a pauper in the poorest country in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a star athlete or a quadriplegic. We are all of equal importance…we are all of equal significance in this world.

You were born with some general pre-dispositions…preferences…ways of thinking…and these help to guide us through our lives. They lead us, if we allow them, to living a life that is fulfilling and meaningful to the most important person in our lives...ourselves.

When we begin to live that life of personal significance, we come to realize that our life is all about us. Your life is about you, and mine is about me. When we forget that and start trying to please others by doing what they thing we should be doing, we start to diverge from our true path…from our true selves, and we start to move away from happiness.

Living a life of personal significance is a wonderful way to live. Once you start, you will never want to return to what, from that perspective, would seem almost like slavery. We live for us. We do what we intended to do when we came here. We fulfill our purpose…and there is nothing that feels better than living your purpose…I can guarantee that.

We are each responsible for everything in our lives…everything! Living a life of personal significance means that you take the responsibility for your own life…all of it. We are not, and we cannot be, responsible for somebody else. As human beings we like to judge things. This is good; this is bad; this person is worthy of good things; this person is wrong and doesn’t deserve to live. When you live a life of personal significance, you tend to judge less (I’m not saying you stop, but we find that things just aren’t as important.) When we judge less, we accept more…and acceptance of what is can be blissful.

It is so hard for me to explain what I mean. I only have our limited words. If you could feel the excitement in me, if you could see how I feel as I write this, you might understand just a little bit of what it means to live a life of personal significance. This is my passion, and it comes across so flat in these written words. I like to talk to people about this, one on one, because then, at least, they can hear my excitement.

I encourage you to stick around. Come back to the site. Give me a chance to further explain. As this site grows, as the community grows, it will become more evident that something very special is happening here. You will want to be a part of it, I know, or you would not have found this post.

CommunityJoin in the fun. Join in the You, Unlimited ‘Movement’ by joining and becoming active in our community. Let it take you where it may…give it a chance for just a while.

If you enjoyed this post, or if you have something to say, please leave a comment. Join the community and post something in our forums. Begin today to move toward living that life of personal significance.


About Don Francis

Writer, Student of Life, Life-long Learner. Don Francis is interested in creating his success by helping others to become successful. Having become aware of the true nature of human beings - as unlimited, spiritual beings having a human experience - he is constantly looking for ways to share this discovery with others. He hopes that others will read his writing, understand what he is trying to convey, and join him in the marvelous adventure that this life is meant to be. He hopes to inspire others to live a life of personal significance.


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