A Life to Celebrate

A Life to Celebrate

"Celebrate life in all its glory - challenge yourself to let the routine sing, and the new dance."

~ Maximillian Degenerez

What does your life consist of? Are you proud of the life you are living? Do you want to do much more, or are you comfortable and satisfied?

In this post I want to help you look at your life and determine if you are on track to achieving your life’s purpose…your reasons for coming to this physical plane and occupying this physical body. What I am going to ask you to do is very simple, but I am sure that you will find that simple does not mean easy.

This exercise will help to open your eyes to your purpose in life. I am not saying that it will nail your purpose down, but it will help you to know if you are traveling in the right direction, and where you might be headed.

I go through this process about once per year, usually in July (mostly because it is the month of my birth and it is a check-in to see if I am on track, and to see if my priorities and passions have changed during the past year.) I suggest that you go through the process at least once, but just a word of warning, it can be addictive, so use it in moderation.


Find a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off your cell phone; let everyone know that you need to have 15 minutes to a half hour of uninterrupted time.

Get comfortable. Relax. Breathe deeply. Try to clear your mind of the pressures and thoughts of everyday life…you are only taking a 15 – 30 minute break…the world will most likely not fall apart during this time.

Read through the following to prepare for what you will visualize during this time. Then close your eyes and visualize everything in as much detail as possible…make it as real as you can, even though it might make you a bit uncomfortable at first. You will find the visualization refreshing once you get into it.


I want you to picture a day, far in the future - a day of celebration…the celebration of your life. This is the day of your funeral. Everyone that you were important to has gathered to celebrate your life…to celebrate that you were a part of this world and a part of their lives.

Visualize who is there – you might not currently know some of these people, but you will know them in your visualization. Who would be attending such a momentous event? Who were you important to?

What does your eulogy consist of? What are your life achievements that are being celebrated? What kinds of things did you do to matter to the people who are there? Have whoever is eulogizing (it could be each person taking turns) describe your contribution to their life…to the world…in great detail.

Think about what would matter most to you at the end of your life.

As new things come up, add them to the celebration. You may end up thinking of things that had never occurred to you before…that’s great…just let things come to you…the things that you want your life to be about.

When the funeral is over, you can open your eyes and come back to this day.


Now it is time to ask yourself…Are you living the life that will lead to that day, to that celebration? Is what you are currently living consistent with what would matter at the end of your life? Are you living it now? If not, you have some work to do. You probably have some changes to make. You want that celebration to become a reality (far in the future, of course), so now it’s time to make some choices, to take action. To let things that are currently in your life but aren’t serving you go, and start bringing things into your life that will serve you.

You may want to repeat this visualization a few times while you refine the details…that’s great, do it! You want to become as clear as possible on what your life is about, what you want to accomplish, and who you want to be important to and in what ways. This will help you to define your purpose.

Later, once you have a clear picture, try to distill what your life will be about down into a sentence or two. This might be call a statement of purpose, or a mission statement for your life, depending on how you structure it. Either way, you will come away from this exercise with some clarity.

I encourage you to actually do this exercise. Don’t just read it and forget it. Let our readers know what you came up with. Let us know what your life is, or will be, about. How will you make your life a life to celebrate? We look forward to your comments.


About Don Francis

Writer, Student of Life, Life-long Learner. Don Francis is interested in creating his success by helping others to become successful. Having become aware of the true nature of human beings - as unlimited, spiritual beings having a human experience - he is constantly looking for ways to share this discovery with others. He hopes that others will read his writing, understand what he is trying to convey, and join him in the marvelous adventure that this life is meant to be. He hopes to inspire others to live a life of personal significance.


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