Accept Responsibility

Choos Your Path"Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else."

~ Les Brown

One of the statements in the You, Unlimited Manifesto says:

YOU are responsible for everything in your life – EVERYTHING – accept the responsibility and stop playing the victim.

Although I have already written about this in the post about this statement, I feel that it is important enough to bear a reminder in this post.

It seems to be a habit of ours to blame others for the circumstances of our lives. We are very good at finding reasons why others have caused hardships or difficulties in our lives – either through their actions, or their inactions. We seem to always be able to find somebody else to blame, rather than shouldering the responsibility for our lives ourselves.

This even goes a step further to the point where we blame others when something is not to our liking, yet we accept the responsibility for the things in our lives that we want or like. That hardly seems fair, but it is the common practice.

There is good news and bad news here (depending, of course, upon your perspective.)

The bad news is that you are responsible for everything in your life. That means that you are to "blame." It is your decisions (whether made before you came to this physical plane, or after you arrived here) that has formed your life. It is your thoughts and beliefs that you are manifesting...and you have control over your thoughts and beliefs.

Of course, from our limited perspective, it is often very difficult to see how we can be responsible for our lives. It is difficult to accept that we did not choose to come into a life that was so abundant and perfect that we would want for nothing. It also doesn't take much thought or imagination to realize how truly ludicrous that would lacking in motivation or challenge. We came here to experience growth and expansion, and that would never happen if we came into a situation where we had everything we could ever want.

So, the bad news isn't really so bad.

The good news is that you are responsible for everything in your life. That means that you have control over everything. You control the thoughts and beliefs that allow you to manifest your life the way it is. You control the perspective you choose to see your world from.

You choose the preferences in your life, and that will determine how you view each person, thing, circumstance, or event. From those preferences, you choose what you wish to change, and the wish to change something is enough to get the ball rolling. Instant manifestation is not common, nor is it even truly desirable, so you may have to experience the thing you don't want for a while, but through this process, you will be inspired to solutions that will move your life forward in ways that you cannot even imagine right now.

Because you retain responsibility for your life, you retain control. You are never given a dream or desire that cannot be met...and you are never unable to move from where you are right now to where you want to be.

So the good news is actually pretty fantastic!

Accept the responsibility for your life. It is yours and yours alone. Nobody else has control...nobody is to blame for everything. Accept the responsibility and change what you want to change while continuing to enjoy the things you do have that you want in your life.

Do you accept responsibility for your life? Are you willing to be the one who affects the changes you want to see? Are you willing to let go of blaming others? Leave a comment and let the community know where you stand on the responsibility for your life. Let us know if you think I'm crazy, or whether I am on to something. We're listening.




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