Act Often



“Action Speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”

~ Mark Twain

Are you just giving lip service to your dreams and goals? Do you talk about them, tell others you will accomplish them, and then let them rust through inaction? Many people talk about what they plan to do; often they are sincere, with good intentions of actually accomplishing the goal. For some reason, more often than not, inaction prevents the goal from materializing.

If you want people to believe you are serious about the things you say you intend to do, you must back up your words with action. With consistent and deliberate action, words are actually not necessary. People will know where you are headed when you act upon your goals and dreams. When all, or at least most, of your actions lead you in the direction of your dreams, it will be quite apparent to others where you are headed. This often leads to their support of your efforts, lending even more strength to your already powerful actions.


Are your actions speaking of what you want to accomplish, or is most of the action in the muscles of your tongue?




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