Act with Intent



“Never confuse motion with action.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes we get so involved with what we are doing that we seem very busy. If we took time to step back and look at what we are doing, we would realize we are not being productive. Are your actions directed toward your goal? Will they move you forward, or are you just travelling in circles?

We can avoid spinning our wheels if we do a quick test before taking any action. Quickly ask yourself if what you plan to do will move you in the direction of your dream. If “yes”, then continue. If “no”, then choose a different action. It is that simple to keep yourself on track.  Of course, you must not let this test become a reason for inaction. It is not meant to delay action. If you act with intent each time, you cannot help but move in the direction of your dreams.


Are your actions intentional? What is the next action that will move you in the direction of your dreams?




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