Acting Intentionally



“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

~ Swami Sivananda

Many of our actions are made with little or no thought as we make our way through the day. When you have a particular goal or dream in mind, and are determined to achieve it, each act we perform should be directed to move us closer to achieving our goal. Often these acts are inspired in us – they just seem like the right thing to do.

There are no unimportant actions when moving toward a goal. Each action moves us forward, adding to the momentum that is building within our lives. Be mindful of your actions; perform each with intent and to the best of your ability. As these actions add together they will move you successfully along your path, soon leading to the achievement of the desired goal.


How much of what you do in a day is not moving you toward your goal? What will you do about it?




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