Being Realistic Isn’t Realistic

Realistic is Unrealistic"I am realistic – I expect miracles.”

~ Wayne W. Dyer

Have you ever been very excited about a dream or a goal and shared it with others – a friend or family member? Have you enthusiastically told them that you plan to accomplish you desire no matter what it takes? Have you ever felt a huge letdown when, with no malicious intent, your friends or family tell you, “Be realistic?” It hurts.

There are a few ways that we can react or respond to this unexpected let down in our quest for the support of others. We can believe what they are trying to tell us – basically that the dream or goal is impossible, or at least so difficult that it isn’t worth pursuing – and thus we give up on it. We can stop sharing our dream and pursue it quietly on our own (a very difficult route to go.)

Or. The best case, we can just say, “to hell with what you think,” and go after our desire – out loud, without a care about what others think. They can support you, or not. It is their choice and their choice will not make one iota of difference to your outcome. Sure it may make the journey more difficult, but you are still going to accomplish what you are setting out to do.

There is something that most of us don’t realize – or at least, we don’t tend to believe. That something is, there are no limits in this world. There is nothing that is impossible. And, if nothing is impossible, then being “realistic” really isn’t very realistic.

The thing that is unrealistic is to give up on your dreams. It is unrealistic to stop pursuing your desired life. You mind was able to conceive of the possibility, and that means that the achievement is within your grasp. Not only is it within your grasp, but there is a reason that you have conceived of it. There is a reason that you paid attention to the thought…you are meant to achieve it…it is aligned with your greater good.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

~ Napoleon Hill

Dream big. Dream loud. Dream without limits. When you do this, you are truly following your purpose. Let your dreams guide you. Let your spirit draw you toward the life you ultimately want…and let it draw you through the unexpected journey you will take to get there!

Don’t let others dictate what you will pursue in this life. Don’t let the limitations that others perceive be limits in your life. Know that you are truly without limits, and infinite possibilities are yours for the asking. Spend some quite time alone with the concept of your limitlessness. Think on it. Make it a part of your beliefs.

Do you let others dictate your dreams? Do you believe you are unlimited? What do you dare to dream? Will you pursue it? Leave a comment and let the community know what you feel about your unlimited nature. We’re listening.




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