Books Worth the Read

Books"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

~ Mark Twain

I have recently re-read a couple of books that I think you will find, not only of interest, but of use as you continue your journey to living a life of personal significance.

****Please note that the links to the books provided in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one and make a purchase, I will be paid a commission. I truly do recommend the books, and I don’t include the links solely for the purpose of earning a commission. ****

These books “Ping: A Frog in Search of a New Pond” and “The Way of Ping: Journey to the Great Ocean” are both written by Stuart Avery Gold, and I highly recommend you find a copy and read them…or search out the audio books and have a listen. They are well worth the little bit of time you will invest.

Both books are very short – just over 100 pages, and will only take the average person a couple of hours to read.

These books form a couple of delightful tales that will bring home many of the lessons that I have been touting on this site. The author is a skilled story teller and he is able to hold the reader’s attention throughout.

As you start out reading the books, you may find yourself thinking that they are written for children, as they are told as a fable or parable using animals as the characters. I encourage you to push through…you will find the lessons contained in the books to be invaluable to any age…that being said, share the stories with your children and grandchildren…they will enjoy them, and they may learn a lesson or two…or three…or four…I certainly wish the books had been available when I was a child, as I could have use a leg up in this area at that time.

Ping: A Frog in Search of a New Pond

A parable about adapting to change and overcoming obstacles. This is the story of Ping, a frog who's ignored the signs of his pond drying up around him, and is stuck in the mud. Ping represents everybody who has encountered a setback, needs to take a risk, or is struggling with the challenges of change -- that is to say, he is all of us. Ping's tale inspires us to take risks and persevere-and shows us the limitless possibilities that can result when the decision is made to take a leap of faith.

The Way of Ping: Journey to the Great Ocean

In this new adventure, the now legendary Ping has become the teacher. His travels take him to a pond-centered village ruled by Toad the Elder, locked into its provincial view of the villagers, except for two frogs, Daikon and Hodo. They convince Ping to take them on a journey that will change their lives forever. This delightful story captures the fears and doubts faced by all who choose to leave the familiar to make their way in an unknown world, and teaches them to find their true path. As Ping says, “Years can wrinkle a frog’s skin, but to live without purpose, well, that wrinkles the soul.”

I strongly urge you to procure a copy of these books through the links above, from a bookstore, or from your local library…they are well worth the read.

Once you have read them, let the community know what you think and what your favorite lesson was from the books, by leaving a comment on this post. The community wants to know what you think. We’re listening.

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