Doing Battle – On Your Terms

Doing Battle"I think it's very important that you make your own decision about what you are. Therefore you're responsible for your actions, so you don't blame other people."

~ Prince William

Each day we wake up and prepare ourselves to go out into the world, interact with others, and make our way in this world. Some of us have an easy time of this, and others find it a struggle. Usually we will find that the days vary somewhat…some are easier than others…but no matter where we find ourselves along that continuum, we must move forward in our lives.

Many people, as they make their way through their lives, find that others seem to be in control of what they do. We are influenced by authority figures in our lives…parents, teachers, employers, other stakeholders in what we are doing…and they seem to be able to dictate how we approach what we do. There is a flaw in this thinking…and you needn’t experience life in this way.

YOU are completely responsible for everything in your life. You have control…whether you believe it or not…and your life is up to you. Often we use the “control” that others have in our life as a reason for not living the life we desire to live. We blame others for not allowing us to live the life of our dreams. If this is you, it is time to STOP!

You have complete control of your own life. As you go out there and “do battle” in your life, you are doing it on your terms…even if you don’t see it. If you are allowing others to control what you do, then you have made the choice to allow this…perhaps the choice wasn’t done consciously, but you are making that choice.

Each day we wake up and prepare ourselves to go out into the world, interact with others, and make our way in this world…and how that looks to you is always completely up to you. You always set the terms of your life. Good news, right!

Of course it is good news. That means that you are in complete control. That means that you can live life as you choose…ALWAYS! Of course, many of us will think, as (if) we accept this concept as valid and true, that we are doing an awfully poor job of setting our terms. Perhaps. However, keep in mind that each day…in every moment…you have the choice to change the way you are doing things. You have the choice to change your perspective.

Keep in mind, as (if) you decide to change the way you approach your life, that things will change when you change your perspective, but there is often a bit of a lag before you will notice the changes. Often the changes are so subtle that you won’t notice until, at some point, you stop and take a look back. At that time, you will see how different things are, and it seemed like it took almost no effort on your part.

I encourage you to consciously set the terms of your battle. Go out into the world, each and every day, and live life the way you wish to live it. Set your intentions and go out and enjoy the fruits of those intentions…keeping in mind that it is always your choice.

Are you consciously setting the terms of your battle, or have you decided to hand control over to others in your life? What decisions will you make about that as you go forward? Are you satisfied “status quo” or are you deciding to make a change? Let the community know what you think. Leave a comment. We’re listening.




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