Don’t Let “Impossible” Stop You

Dreams and Goals


“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.”

Theodore Roethke

There are some in our world who truly seem to specialize in the impossible. These people seem able to accomplish absolutely anything they set their minds to. Many seem to do this almost without effort. It is their belief that it is possible, not impossible, that gives them this power. These people don’t believe impossible exists when it comes to their dreams.

You can become one of these people. You can develop your belief in the certainty of your dreams. A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking. So start thinking your dream is a reality. Think it each moment of each day. Develop a deep desire for its accomplishment. Imagine it to be truly yours on a daily basis. Believe that nothing is impossible, especially your dream.


Think of anything we have in our world today. Can you imagine a time, long ago, when nobody would have thought this thing possible? Now think of your most far reaching, seemingly impossible dream. Can you imagine a time in the future, when nobody would believe it to be impossible?




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