Dream big; live BIGGER.

Achievement"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

~ Napoleon Hill

You can have anything you want in life. You can achieve every goal, every dream, and every desire. Your mind has brought your desires to you for a reason…they will help you to achieve your purpose in this life.

I am sure that you have heard this kind of thing before. It is the doctrine that has been adopted by many motivational speakers, many life coaches, and many of the people who have inspired people throughout history. Have you ever stopped to think about why so many people espouse this way of thinking?

Perhaps it is so popular because, it’s true! What if? When something is adopted over and over, generation after generation for a very long period of time, it is usually and indicator that it is either true, or based mostly in truth.

I believe that the thought that you can have, do, and be anything you want in this life is absolutely true. All it takes is unwavering belief, determination, and consistency of effort.

This means that all of your dreams can come true…so…Make your dreams big…why not? If you can achieve any dream, why not make them really count? Set an example for others by pursuing your dreams.

When others see your determination and your drive, and when they see it all starting to pay off for you they will be inspired to pursue their own dreams with a similar determination. Others will notice them…they will be inspired…and on and on it goes.

Now that you have decided to pursue your dreams, it is time to live like you mean to accomplish them. Go after them without fear. Go after them with a focused mind. Go after them with the intention of having exactly what you are looking for.

Live BIGGER than you dreams. Live like you cannot fail at anything, no matter how huge and daunting it might seem. You cannot fail at anything, unless, of course, you stop trying to achieve that thing. Believe in yourself. Believe that life is a grand adventure and that you are going to live it with all exhilaration that it can supply for you.

One thing that my belief system tells me is that, for the Universe, it takes no more effort to create a button than it does to create a castle. Imagine what that means for you. If the Universe can manifest anything as long as you believe it can happen, and as long as you hold the final product in your mind, without paying any heed to how it will happen, then it is up to you to decide on how big your will dream. Don’t get caught thinking small…that will only produce small results…unless, of course, that is what you are after.

Let the height of your imagination set your limits, and as you approach the accomplishment of what you are after, let your belief reset the limits far beyond…at the edge of what you will now be able to see as new limits. Keep this going until you truly believe that there are no limits…because there aren’t. You are truly an unlimited being. You can accomplish anything.

Let your heart tell you what you really want to pursue. It will not steer you wrong. When something feels right, you are lined up with what your higher self wants from this life, you are in line with your purpose for coming here. Living your purpose can be so rewarding, you won’t be able to remember a time that you have been so fulfilled…and soon you won’t even remember a time that you were not fulfilled.

Go for it. Go big. Live your life bigger than you can even imagine right now. Know that you are on the right path.

Leave us a comment to let all of us know what your big life looks like. What are your big dreams? Where is your life taking you?





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