Dream Deadlines

“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”

~ Langston Hughes

You have big dreams. Almost everybody does. You want more in your life, and you are determined to have it.

Do you know when you will have it? Have you turned your dreams into a big goal…and given it a deadline? Napoleon Hill told us, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” We embraced this thought with a dedication to setting our dreams to deadlines…and what happened?

Before I continue, please understand that I think that Napoleon Hill was somebody who gave a lot of thought to what he said, and he is somebody that I truly respect. His book “Think and Grow Rich” is one that I feel everybody should read and reread. But…

I feel that people took his statement about goals, dreams, and deadlines from a bit of a wonky perspective.

Turning dreams into goals can have some limiting, if not adverse effects on your dreams. You see, you can fail to accomplish a goal. You set a deadline and you work hard to achieve your goal in that time frame…and if it doesn’t materialize, then you have “failed.” That’s a bit disheartening, don’t you think…you failed to accomplish not only a goal, but a dream. This sets you up to dream smaller in the future.

A goal needs a plan to be accomplished. You make your plan to take specific actions that will lead to your goal’s achievement. Great. So now you have a way to bring your dream into reality. The key word in the last sentence is the smallest word there…”a.” Yes, you have a way. Now you have restricted the Universe to a single method to bring about your dream.

The specific actions that you have in your plan make sense to you…otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen that action. However, the action makes sense to you from where you are right now, and it is decided upon with a very specific purpose. Again, you are limiting the Universe to taking your narrow (no insult intended) point of view…at the particular point in time that you decided upon it.

I’m sure that you get the point I am trying to make, whether you agree with me or not.

I suggest a different approach to your dreams…

I believe in dreams just as much as the next guy, perhaps even more so. But I take a different approach. Rather than turning my dream into a goal that I pursue with singlemindedness, I prefer to take some steps that are a bit different than our conventional thinking tells us.

First of all, I get very clear about the dream. I imagine my life as I wish it to be. I visualize and allow my imagination to take the dream to the greatest heights it can at the time. I feel it with every part of my being. I feel what it will be like to live that life.

Next, I set my intention. I intend to live the life I have imagined. I get to the point where I know for certain that I will live this life, that my dreams and desires will all come to fruition.

Then, I allow the Universe to bring it to me. I take inspired action…that is, the actions that come to me when they come. I do what feels right. My actions may seem to be unrelated to my dream, but I have confidence in the Universe, and I know that I am being guided to the fulfillment of my dreams.

My unshakable confidence allows the Universe to deliver exactly what I want, in whatever way is best for me. I truly believe that the Universe will line up all of the people, circumstances, and events that are necessary to make my dream a reality. I trust in the Universe completely. I don’t force things to happen, I allow them to happen.

As I allow my dreams to come to me, they come in the best possible timing. I don’t restrict the Universe by imposing a deadline…“I want this to happen by this time.” I know that the timing will be perfect, and that allowing it to be so will bring me the absolutely most wonderful way of experiencing my dreams.

Finally, as I allow the Universe to bring my dreams to me, I don’t worry about how. I allow, with complete trust. I have a limited perspective, and I cannot see how perfect everything is, but I can trust…I can have faith. As I follow my path, each action I take seems like the next logical thing. I don’t expect great earthshaking changes to happen. I expect that things will happen in a logical fashion. The progression toward my dreams will seem so natural that I may not even notice when I get there. I will look back one day and realize that my dreams have come true…possibly long ago…and I may be surprised at how small the dream really was (although it seemed monumental at the time) and how far beyond I have gone.

My approach may not be for everyone, but I find that it works for me. Perhaps you might like to try it, and perhaps not. Leave a comment and let the community know if you agree with this approach, or if you might want to give it a try. Leave a comment if you think I am full of it and that my approach will never work. We’re interested in what you have to say…either way. Let us know what you think. We’re listening.




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