Experience Life…to the fullest

Couple"The essential lesson I've learned in life is to just be yourself. Treasure the magnificent being that you are and recognize first and foremost you're not here as a human being only. You're a spiritual being having a human experience."

~ Wayne Dyer

I was asked, the other day, “what do you do?” It is quite a normal question, and I am often asked it by people who I have only recently met, but for some reason, when it was asked at that time, it struck me what an odd question it really is.

I know exactly what the person wanted to know…“What do I do for a living? What do I do to earn the money that I use to live…to eat, to clothe myself, to provide shelter?” But on this particular occasion I chose to answer a different question. “I experience life…to the fullest.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look on my face. She asked again, this time changing her words, “What do you do for work?”

I took a risk and answered, “I experience life…to the fullest.” The look of pain on her face told me that she was confused, so I smiled and said, “Do you mean, what is my profession?” She smiled.

“I work at a job as an Accountant,” I said, “but I am also an author, entrepreneur, son, brother, friend, artist, musician, student, teacher, and so many other things.” A glimmer of understanding crept into her eyes.

I used the opportunity to guide her into a different way of thinking, at least for a few moments. I explained how I don’t see my “job” as something that defines me. I am not only an Accountant. I am a human being, experiencing life. I am a limitless, eternal soul expanding the Universe. I am the creator of my life. What I “do” has very little to do with who I am.

I have said it many times, and I am sure that I will say it many more times, we came into this physical plane to live a life that expands the Universe through our experiences. Our experiences are guided by our preferences. As we expand our experience, determine and move toward our preferences, we become more and more, and this is what it means to live our lives.

We are here to experience the journey. We are here to live…to be. Our society has become so obsessed with what we do…and usually this obsession is about what we do for a living. It is about our profession, as if that defines us.

You are not what you do. You are who you are. You are eternal. You are limitless. You are not defined merely by your actions in one area of human endeavour. We put so much stock in our careers, as if that is all there is. We spend a disproportionate amount of time working hard at something that is only a tiny portion of what we truly are…and almost insignificant in light of what we can become.

Certainly your “career” contributes to the world It helps our economy to move, flow, and grow. You are doing your part, but your contribution to the Universe is what really matters. You can accomplish your purpose for coming into this life in an unlimited number of ways. This means that what you do is really not the defining factor…it is what you are becoming. Your contribution will happen no matter how you go about it. You cannot help but expand the Universe.

So I encourage you to stop letting your “job” define you. When somebody asks what you do, let them know… “I live. I become.”

If I had to choose only one thing to “do” for the rest of my life, I would choose to experience life…to the fullest!

What do you choose to “do?” Leave a comment and let the community know. We’re listening.




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