Focus on the End

Focus on the End"Begin with the end in mind."

~ Stephen Covey

What is it that you want in your life? What is your ideal situation? Are you able to clearly visualize what your future life will be like? Although all of us have at least a vague picture of what we want in our lives, many of us are unwilling to make the effort to get a clear idea of what we truly want. Why is that?

It may seem counterintuitive, but the reason that most of us don't have a clear vision of the future we want is that we are afraid of disappointment. We don't want to go through the experience of dreaming of something, only to have it not materialize, leaving us feeling empty and unfulfilled. We are afraid of not getting what we want, yet, without defining what it is that we want, it is very unlikely that we are going to get there.

Focus on the result

Focusing on the results we want does several things for us. First of all, it gives us a destination. It gives us something toward which we can move, through our thoughts and our actions.

Secondly, focusing on the end result gives us the opportunity to feel, in advance, how we will feel when we achieve our result. It allows us to "experience" the feelings ahead of time and creates an anticipation within us.

The third thing that focusing on the result will do for us is to give us motivation. When we clearly know what we want, and we clearly feel how it will feel when we get there, we are motivated to keep moving toward it. We take the anticipation and turn it into a longing or an excitement that keeps us moving toward our goal.

Lastly (as far as the points I will touch on here – there are many other benefits), focusing on the end allows the Universe to know what you want. It gives a clear picture and the Universe can go about lining up the people, circumstances, and events that will bring your desire to you in the best way possible. Your focus on your goal is one of the most effective way to line up the resources that are necessary for achievement.

Start from where you are

Now that you have the end in mind, you just need to start your journey. Where do you start? This is another common stumbling point for many of us. We feel that we don't know where to start. I suggest to you that there really is only one place to must start from where you are. There is no better place, and there is no other place.

If you are having difficulty determining what you should do first, continue to focus on the end. At some point (usually sooner than later) you will be inspired to action, and that action will launch you toward your goal. You may not recognize this may feel like just another may not even be related (in any way that you can see from your limited perspective) to what you want or where you intend to take your life. However, when you feel like doing something, do it. The purpose of your action will become clear in time, but the inspired action is the important thing.

Many people ask me, how do you know if your action is inspired? My answer is that all action is inspired. Each decision we make is made because it will move us toward what we are asking for, whether we are asking consciously or unconsciously. The thing to remember here is that if you focus on the end, and you can feel how it will feel to get there, you are asking from a conscious are creating deliberately, rather than by default.

You may decide to go for a walk. That is an inspired action. It may seem unrelated to the end result you have in mind, but don't dismiss it. While on your walk, you may come across a lost dog. Upon seeking the dog's owner, you may make an acquaintance that will play into your journey in unexpected ways. This is just one possible thing that might among an infinite number of possibilities. It might not be something so dramatic. It might be as simple as seeing a chalk drawing on the sidewalk that will later inspire thoughts. It might be just getting fresh air into your body and clearing your mind...anything...but, because you were inspired to take a walk, you are changed, and your journey is underway.

Keep focusing on the end. When you do, you cannot help but get there, or at least move toward it until your desired end result changes (which it will – constantly!) Keep taking those inspired actions, but don't worry too much about how you will get from where you are to where you are going. The Universe will take care of that for you.

Can you stay focused on your end result without worrying too much about how you will get there? Can you feel how it will feel to get there? Leave a comment and let the community know about how you plan to – or continue to – put this into action. Let us know your results from the past. We're listening.





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