Follow Your Passions – Find Your Purpose

Question"Follow your own passion - not your parents', not your teachers' - yours."

~ Robert Ballard

What are you passionate about? What types of things really do it for you? What at the activities that you get lost in? What are the things, people, events, or causes that you can talk to people about for hours on end, never tiring of it?

Cherish these things in your life, for they are your passions. These are the things that give you the urge to get up in the morning. These are the things that drive you forward, no matter what happens along the way. These are the things that make your life worth living.

Your passions are yours for a reason. They stem from, or even define your preferences. They are your indicator of the direction your life is meant to take. Your passions are your guiding force, and they are not something to be taken lightly.

All too often, we find ourselves so busy with the day to day process of living…dealing with the stress, trying to eke out a living doing something that we feel we should be doing. We spend our time doing what others have defined for us as “productive” or “contribution.” We fall into the routine of going to a job, day after day, just to make ends meet. We find ourselves, often unhappily, pursuing a career that interests us mildly, at best.

As we make our way through our lives in this manner, we have little energy left, in our remaining time, to do the things that would really make us happy. We don’t have the energy, or, in many cases, the time, to pursue the things that we are passionate about.

And so it goes. Each day is just a tiny bit harder to face. Each day takes us just a little bit further from our joy. Each day we get a little more lost in this world, until we finally surrender to life as it is.

This is a very sad, but accurate depiction of many of our lives. This is the way it has been for generations.

But there are some, far too few, but some, people who are called so strongly to their passions that they cannot do anything but. They find a way to direct their lives so that they are doing the things they love. They find ways to survive, and usually thrive, by doing what they are meant to do. They follow their passions.

Why is it important to follow our passions? It is simple. Our passion will lead us to our purpose. We all have a purpose here in this world. We all came here for a reason, and it is our passions that help guide us in the direction we should take to accomplish, or achieve, that purpose. This is why our passions seem to drive us…when we take the time to listen to them and pursue them.

Our purpose is what we are here to accomplish…and not just for ourselves, but for the world, for the Universe. We are here to expand the Universe, and it is through the pursuit of our passions that we do this. Our passions are what challenge us to grow. They are what allows us to become more than we were.

Your passions will shape your life – your life of personal significance. Your passions are your window to your purpose. They allow you to do what you came here to do, in the most enjoy able way.

I encourage you not to ignore those passions in favour of “making a living.” I suggest that you follow the passions, wholeheartedly, and you will also find that they will supply your life with everything you need to survive, and to thrive. Don’t deprive the world of who you are meant to be…live your life fully. Engage with it. Become what you are driven to be.

I am not suggesting that you go in to work tomorrow and quit your job. I am suggesting that you find ways to pursue your passions, either in addition to your work, or within your work. Adapt what you do to incorporate more of what drives you…if you can’t, then start outside of your current work and let the way be shown to you…all in perfect timing. Trust, and you will not go unrewarded.

Let our community know what how you are living those passions. Let us know how you will move toward living a more passionate life. Leave a comment and let us know when you will start moving toward your purpose and living a life of personal significance. We’re listening.




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