Fulfillment: the ever elusive dream

Wanting More“In search of your destiny, you will often find yourself obliged to change direction.”

~ Paulo Coelho

As we wander the paths of our lives on this physical plane, we determine what it is that we want our lives to be like. Through our experiences and observations, we come to understand what we like and what we don’t like, and, over time, we begin to get a picture of our ideal life.

We set our sights on that ideal and we pursue it, sometimes with fervor, and sometimes in a subtler way. We know that when we reach that ideal, or something vey close to it, we will be happy and content. We will be fulfilled.

This is the normal human condition. We are striving to reach that place of fulfillment…but…

Very few of us seem to reach that place. Why is that? The answer is really quite simple, but it carries with it disappointment for some.

We came to this physical plane to experience life, to explore and grow. We came to expand the Universe through our uniqueness. Expansion is our natural state, and as we move through our lives, we come to new places that allow us to see where we could not before. From these places are born new desires and new understanding. From these places we see more of what we want, adjusting our ideal life, and we move toward this new expanded ideal, in search of fulfillment, once again.

This is a constant process. We are constantly changing and expanding. We are doing this so consistently that we do not realize it. When we stop and look back far enough, we come to realize that we have gone far past many of the dreams that, at the time, seemed so far out of reach, yet when we got there they just seemed like the next logical thing…and often we miss the fact that we have attained what was once an almost impossible seeming dream.

The reason I say that this carries disappointment for some is because they feel that attaining their ideal life (as they see it at this time) will bring them happiness. When those people realize that they will never attain that fulfillment…that there will always be something more to desire and achieve, something more that they will want to pursue, they feel that they will never be happy…they will never be fulfilled.

This, of course, is a wonky (this is a technical term) way to view things. Happiness does not depend on anything other than the decision to be happy. We can be happy at any time in our lives. We just need to choose to be happy. As for fulfillment, we all should have a sense of fulfillment in our lives, after all, we are doing exactly what we came here to do – expand the Universe. Isn’t that enough to fulfill you?

I encourage you to grapple with this concept, and to revel in it when you accept it. You are in search of fulfillment, and this is what moves you forward. The fact that you will never feel entirely fulfilled is cause for celebration; it creates excitement and expectation for what is to come, and it give meaning to your life.

Do you feel excited or disappointed that you will never be without desire for more in your life? Leave a comment and let the community know how you feel. We’re listening.




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