Give Yourself a Break


"Doing something when it no longer serves you, just because you said you would, is a waste of time and effort. Let it go and move on."

~ Don Francis

I didn’t write a single blog post last week! This is the first time since the relaunch of this site in July 2015 that I have missed a scheduled blog post. I was feeling quite uninspired, and so I decided, rather than write poorly just for the sake of writing, I would give myself a break.

At first I felt guilty. Then I realized that I shouldn’t feel that way. Just because I had decided, months ago, that I would do something, doesn’t mean that it still fit when the time came. I realized that it is okay to give myself a break.

I gave myself a break in two ways. First I took a break from finding a topic, determining what I was going to say, writing a post, finding an appropriate quote and picture, and putting it all together on the site. Secondly, I gave myself a break from the self chastising I began the week with…it is okay to change plans!

I encourage you to remember that the next time you feel pressured to do something just because you told yourself (or somebody else) that you would do it. Of course, I am not encouraging you to back out of your commitments, but take a look at them when you feel that they are weighing you down. That is a good indicator that whatever it is no longer serves you.

Do you ever feel guilty for not keeping a commitment to yourself, even when it no longer serves you? Leave a comment and let us know. We’re listening.




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