Happiness Is Not a Thing to Be Found


"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere."

~ Agness Repplier

I spent a lot of time searching for happiness. I felt that I had never truly been happy. I chased dream after dream, often giving up because I didn’t see any progress.

“I’ll be happy when…” (fill in the blank) was my credo. I pursued happiness with a vengeance; no matter what I did, it remained as elusive as it always had been.

I began and quit many jobs, always sure that happiness would greet me with the next new employment situation. The grass always seemed greener somewhere else. Job satisfaction, it seemed, was not in the cards for me.

I went through dozens of relationships…each one began with the perfect person as the object of my attention. Each of those people failed to bring me to the true happiness I was looking for. My journey through life seemed destined to be travelled alone.

The search continued, without resolution and eventually it ended up leaving me feeling hopeless.

It was at that time that I came across something that changed the way I was looking at this. I wish that I could remember who said or wrote it, but unfortunately, I can’t. I do, however, remember the message that I received from this source:

“Happiness is not something to be found; it is a state of mind, an internal feeling, it comes from within. Happiness is a decision. When you decide to be happy, and truly feel happy without any external source for the happiness, then the Universe will provide you with happy circumstances, people, and events.”

Feeling hopeless and lost, I felt that I had nothing to lose by trying. I tried.

Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Perhaps if I had come across this wisdom earlier in my search it would have been easier. It is just as possible that I needed to reach that hopeless place before this message would be available to me. But whatever the case, here I was, disillusioned with life, convinced that I would never find happiness.

So I kept at it. I started to look around at the things in my life and I started to appreciate some of the things I had. The more things I felt that appreciation for, the more it seemed that I found to appreciate. It was a slow build, but my efforts paid off. I can’t tell you how long it took, because I never really noticed when it happened. One day I came to the realization that I felt happy, and I had for some time.

It was at that time that I realized how much everything that was coming into my life was making me happy. Everything was going my way…and it still is. I have never looked back, and I know that I will never have to.

If you are pursuing happiness, and if you expect to find it in things, or people, circumstances, I suggest you stop your pursuit for a while. Take some time to appreciate the things you have in your life. All of the things in your life…from the biggest to the very smallest. Once you realize how much you have to appreciate, make the decision that you will feel happy. Realize that happiness is a choice, and it comes from within you…not from anything or anyone outside of yourself.

If you truly decide to be happy, and you work on it every day, I guarantee that you will one day wake up and realize that you are there. Happiness is within you. Then watch out! People, circumstances, and events that will bring you happiness will be clamouring for your attention. You will never again lack the happiness you desire. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Do you feel that happiness can be gained from external sources, or does it manifest in your life because you have chosen to be happy? Is it the circumstances and events of your life that make you happy, or is it your perspective from a happy place that allows you to see things in that happy light? Leave a comment and let the members of the community know.


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