How Do You Think About Your Life?

Postitive"It is a universal principle that you get more of what you think about, talk about, and feel strongly about."

~ Jack Canfield

When you think about your life, what is it that you think about? When you dream about what you want, what do you dream? Do you believe that you think about your life in a positive way?

Although most of us feel that when we are thinking about what we want in our lives, we are thinking from a positive point of view. We feel that if we are striving for something better, it is a positive thing. But…are you really approaching it positively?

We are not always conscious of the way we are thinking. We are often not conscious of the fact that we are thinking at all…thoughts just happen, and we don’t pay much attention to a lot of them. If you want to know what your predominant thoughts about your life have been, I have just one simple suggestion…take a look around you.

That’s right, you are living the manifestation of your predominant thoughts. The Universe is bringing you exactly what you have been asking for through your thoughts. Now that’s something to think about!

“Wait,” you say. “I can’t be getting what I am thinking about. I’m sure this isn’t what I have in mind.” You may feel that you have been thinking about an abundant life. You may think you have been thinking about having a life of freedom and choice. But where is it?

This is a prime example of what I meant when I said that we need to be taking a positive approach to our thoughts. For example, when you think about that abundant life, do you think of it from a place of wanting it because you don’t have abundance now? When you think about freedom, is it because you feel trapped in a job that takes all of your time and keeps you nailed down? These are thinking from the negative side.

If you want to think positively about abundance, feel what it is like to be abundant. Now think about if from that feeling. You like the feeling…but not because you don’t currently have it…but because if feels good. Don’t take your current circumstances into account when you think of your future. Circumstances can change. They can change to match what you dream of. When you think of freedom, think of it from the perspective of all of the things that you can do with it. Don’t think about these things because you don’t currently have them, but because you want them and what they can offer you.

Believe it or not, what you are experiencing in your life is what you have been thinking about. It all depends on what drives your thoughts…lack…or anticipation and excitement. You can have anything you want in this life, but you will only get what you are thinking about…think about it from lack, and you will get more lack. Think about it from anticipation and excitement and you will attract more things into your life to anticipate and get excited about.

The choice is yours. You create your life through your thoughts. Sometimes you aren’t even paying attention to your thoughts and so you create by default. Sometimes your thoughts are from a negative perspective or place of lack…which will attract lack and negative things into your life. Choose your thoughts wisely and begin living a life of personal significance. Begin living your dreams.

Have you been approaching things from a positive viewpoint, or have you been fooling yourself? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. We’re listening.




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