I Can’t Do This for You


"I take complete and sole responsibility for my present situation."

~ Brad Delp


People often tell me that they are trying to live a life of personal significance, and they are following my advice on how to do it...but it's not working for them. They tell me that aren't getting the results they want, or that things have stalled. I'm sorry folks, but all I can tell you is...

"I can't do this for you."

Certainly I am willing to take a look at what you have been doing, and I am willing to offer you advice on how you might move forward, but in the end, it is you that has to do the work. Each of us is different and we all have our own unique ways of approaching things, and so, each of us will have a bit of a different approach to creating our lives the way we want them.

I can guide you all you want, but eventually I will have to tell you, "I can't do this for you." It is up to you to take the actions that you deem appropriate. It is up to you to figure out where you might change things, after examining what you have been doing. As I said, I will guide you, but you must be the one who is doing the work.

This is your life. You are responsible for it, and for everything that it contains. You are attracting the life that you are living...perhaps you are doing so consciously, but you are the one who is bringing everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch into your life. Your experience is being determined by you...by your thoughts...by your beliefs...by your decisions and actions. This is YOUR life and you are responsible for it.

Depending on the perspective from which you choose to receive this information from, it can be bad news...after all, you are the one who is responsible...or it can be very good news...after all, you are the one who is responsible. You have complete control. You just have to decide...intend...to create the life you want, and there you go. If you truly intend, you will be inspired to take actions and think thoughts that will cause the Universe to deliver exactly what you want. If you believe, the Universe will be forced to deliver the circumstances, people, and events that will bring your life to one of personal significance.

But...I can't do this for you.

It is up to you. I will act as your guide, if you wish. I will be your sounding board, but it is you who must decide. It is you who must intend. It is you who must take the inspired action. And THAT is what life is all about!

Decide today. Take responsibility for your life. Seek out the resources that you need. Find the knowledge that you require. Change your perspective, your mindset, and your beliefs. Intend!

I know this isn't easy, and I know you can use some encouragement in this area (we all can) so, if you have anything that is going right, if you are succeeding, no matter how minor the success seems to you, please share it with the community by leaving a comment to this post. We will all be inspired by each little tidbit you can share.





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