If It No Longer Serves You

Let It Go"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."

~ Joseph Campbell

We all have desires, dreams, and goals. We all, to some extent, pursue these, even if it is only daydreaming about them. Once we decide that something is really important to us, we usually set a goal or an intention to actively pursue it and to make it happen.

Now we have a goal and we are diligently putting in effort to ensure that it becomes a part of our life. We tell others about what we are doing, we keep the end in mind, and we move forward. We are accomplishing something.

Things flow smoothly for a while. Then our pursuit of the goal becomes a struggle. We find that we are no longer excited about the outcome. We start to regret having taken on the goal in the first place. We are uninspired when we think of what we are pursuing. Then we find the goal becoming a burden. We feel weighed down by it. We might even begin to despise it.

At this point, we can think of so many other things that we could pursue...things that now excite us far more than the drudgery of this unfinished goal. We dare not take on the new desires right now. Why put more on our plate when we can't even get this one thing done?

We keep on. After all, we set the goal, and that means that we must accomplish it, right? WRONG!

Our society teaches us that we should not leave things unfinished. If we start them, then we should finish them...but this is counterproductive when the goal no longer serves you. If you find yourself uninspired by what you are doing, then it isn't serving you. It is probably hindering your creativity in other areas of your life. It is most likely becoming a deterrent to dreaming new dreams, to pursuing new desires.

There is nothing wrong with leaving something unfinished, as long as it truly does not serve you any longer. I am not providing you with an excuse to quit on everything...especially if you want to quit just because it has become difficult to pursue...but I want to let you know that, if something is no longer in your best interest, if you truly no longer desire to have it in your life, then it is okay to let it go...finished or not.

Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

Make peace with the fact that, as you grow, you will want different things in your life. You will constantly identify new preferences, and you will constantly be changing perspective. What you want today may seem small and petty to you in a few weeks, months, or years. You are not the same person you were at any point in the past. You constantly change...and so why shouldn't your desires, dreams, and goals change?

If it no longer serves you...let it go!

I encourage you to allow yourself to leave things that no longer serve you behind. Be okay with leaving things undone or unfinished. You really can't get this wrong, so it is not worth concerning yourself over.

What do you think? Can you let something – even something you have put a lot of time and effort into – go if it no longer serves you? Are you willing to try? Leave a comment and let the community know your views on this. We're listening.




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