Intention – The Mother of Manifestation

Intention“I have absolutley no limits on what I intend to create.”
~ Wayne W. Dyer

Lately I have become very aware of intention. I have known about the power of intention from an intellectual perspective for a long time, but now I am starting to understand it from a broader perspective…a spiritual perspective.

When we intend to do something, we have made our minds up that it is going to happen…we will find a way, no matter what it takes. We become focused on the outcome and we strive to make things happen. And, in the end, we get or do exactly as we intend…we have made our intention manifest.

The key here is the word “made.” You see, manifestation does not have to take the route of being forced into submission. It doesn’t need to take concentrated effort to occur. It does not need to be bent to our will.

When we intend to do something, that is all we need do. We need to set the intention that what we desire will come into our lives. That’s it. We don’t need to “do” anything else…at least not from the perspective of our source. When we intend something, the Universe sets about bringing it to us…all we have to “do” then is to allow it to come to us. Sure, there may be effort on your part, even then. But any action necessary will be inspired action…and it will not seem like effort at all.

When we set an intention, and we get clear on exactly the outcome we desire, its manifestation is guaranteed. It does not matter whether we force it or allow it…each will bring to us what we want…it will manifest for us…but allowing is so much easier…and we don’t limit the Universe as to how it will come to us…and so we allow for amazing, unfathomable ways for the manifestation to occur.

No matter which route we choose, our intention is guaranteed. The intention has sealed the deal. We will experience it. What we want will manifest, without a doubt.

Intention is the mother of manifestation. It is the handshake with the Universe. It seals the deal.

My question to you is, will you set your intention and then “make” something happen? Or will you set your intention and allow the Universe to bring it to you? The choice is yours. Either way will work. One way is certainly more limiting than the other, but the outcome will be the manifestation of that which you intend.

Leave a comment and let the community know which way you will approach your intentions. We’re listening.




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