Is it all about you?

Together“An individual can’t create anything itself. All of our dreams come true with the cooperation and co-creation of other souls.”
~ Hina Hashmi

One of the ideas that I promote through this site is that your life is all about you. While it certainly is true that you want to live our life the way that resonates with you and in the most fulfilling way you can imagine, is it really all about you?

Although we can only control what we think and do, and we are certainly the person who cares most about what happens in our lives, we are all in this together. We co-create our lives…it’s all about us!

Try to imagine a world that contained only you. There wouldn’t be a lot to it. There would be nobody to interact with. There would be nobody to inspire us, or to show us some of the things that we do and don’t want in our lives. After a while, there would be nothing of much interest to do. I imagine we would soon find that our life had little, if any purpose.

We co-create our world, and we need each other. Humans are social animals (despite all of our anti-social behavior) and we need to have interaction with others. We need each other to help us learn about our world, and to help identify our passions, our dreams, and our desires.

In our co-creative world, we interact with each other in many different ways. Together we can accomplish so much more than we ever could on our own. Together we make the world the amazing place that it really is.

Each of us is living and creating the life we want. We are moving in the direction that we choose, and the Universe is lining up the people, circumstances, and events that will support those choices. As we shape, refine, and change our desires, the organization of all of the moving parts changes to suit the new desires. Everything is always lined up to support what we are focusing on at the moment. This is why people flow in and out of our lives.

Everyone in your life is there for the purpose of allowing you to continue on your path. Sometimes they are there to help you by digging in and sweating along with you, and sometimes they are there to annoy you and nudge you in a direction that you might not have taken otherwise. Appreciate everyone in your life.

Sometimes people worry that they have miss an opportunity. They are concerned that they did not recognize something and so they will never get to the place in life they desire to be. You needn’t worry about that. If you did not take advantage of an opportunity, another is lining up right now. There is always a path for you to get to where you want to be…and if you stray from the path, another is created immediately…that may mean new faces, new circumstances, new things…all in perfect timing…and when you look back, all the most amazing co-operative components of the life you truly desire to live.

This concept is true for all of us. Just as others are here to help you, you come into their lives to help them as well. That is the co-creation process. Appreciate your situation. Appreciate the others in your life, as they are appreciating you.

Will you allow the co-creative process to flourish in your life? Will you recognize all of the components as a benefit to you along your path? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about co-creation. Do you believe it is all lined up for us to take advantage of? Or do you think it is all coincidence? We’re listening.




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