Is It Really Important?

"The opinion which other people have of you is their problem, not yours."

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

HeadlessToday my post will be one of those that is more of a rant. It is just something that I need to get out there…I promise to be short with it.

This past weekend a friend was telling me that her husband had sent an email to the author of the book he was reading, complaining that the author had disrespected Canadians. The response from the author’s assistant is that the words came from the protagonist, no the author.

Be that as it may be, what I need to know is why it is important that a book…a book…you know, a book, had something in it that some people might feel is disrespectful to them? I mean, what is the big deal? It’s a book! Who cares?

I am truly trying to wrap my head around why it is so important to anyone. I can’t see me caring if somebody wrote or said something about me in specific that some might feel is derogatory. Go ahead, slam me all you want. Slam my country, my way of life, my job, my writing…anything…who gives a rat’s behind? You opinion of me or of anything, is none of my business…and I really don’t care.

There are many things in this world that are important to me, but their importance, and my feelings for that matter, cannot be influenced by anyone’s opinion. I don’t give people that kind of power. The concept of caring about something so minor is so foreign to me that I cannot wrap my head around it.

My test for anything that bothers me (and, yes, I get bothered by what others do and say – momentarily – sometimes) is to ask myself…how will this affect me in 10 years? How will my life be different? The answer is almost always, “not at all.” So then I move the timeframe tighter. How will it affect my life in one year? In a month from now? In a week? Tomorrow. I can usually move the time frame up to an hour or less without what is bothering me having a lasting effect. So, it isn’t all that important, is it?

Do you let what others think, do, and say bother you? How much effect does what they are thinking, doing, or saying have on your future. Take back the power. Let it go. Realize the importance (or lack thereof) in the big scheme of things.

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