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My vision for the You, Unlimited community is a place where like-minded people can interact and help each other without worrying about being judged or ridiculed for having thoughts that are not necessarily within the norm of our society.

I see the community as an exciting, vibrant, active creation of the members. Each of us is travelling a different path, but we don’t need to travel it alone. I hope that this community provides value and support for each of its members. There is something here for everyone.

Benefits of Membership

A few of the benefits of membership are:

  • Stay up to date with everything that is happening with the You, Unlimited Community and on the website
  • Access resources to help you along your journey
  • Share resources
  • Discuss, debate and co-create within our forums
  • Get the help and support of other members
  • Help and support other members
  • Contribute to the lives and well-being of others by sharing your own story and things that you have learned along your path
  • Have input into the content of this site, but making suggestions and comments, participating in “opinion posts” by leaving your comments
  • Receive member discounts off of You, Unlimited products, courses, and services

Don’t delay. Become a part of the community and move yourself along your path to living a life of personal significance.

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