Know Your Why

Purpose and Passion


“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzche

You know what you really want – your dream, but have you ever thought about why that dream is yours? Do you understand your reason for your desires? That question is often answered quickly. It is easy to tell someone why you want what you do, but have you really spent time with the question: “Why?” It is almost a certainty your true “Why” lies much deeper than you think.

When thinking you know “why”, ask yourself why you desire that particular thing. When answering that, ask yourself the same about your new reason. Proceed until unable to go any further. Keep digging until you truly understand what your big, underlying “Why” is.

Now that you truly understand why, it is easy to move forward. If you desire your why enough, you are willing to go through almost anything to attain it. You are willing to work hard and long, and move outside of that which you have done before, facing any fear and doubt.


What is your big, underlying “Why?”




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