Lead by Example

Lead By Example"Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring."

~ M. R. Kologie

“Lead by example” is used so often in our current society that it has become cliché. Of course, the reason for the common use of this expression is that it provides sound advice, advice that has many different applications and many different aspects within our current societal structure.

When you wish the people that you influence to act in a certain manner, the easiest way to convince them of the benefits of acting in this way is through demonstration. Show them that what you are suggesting works…even better, don’t even suggest, but rather just show them by what you are doing. When they see that you are getting the results you are after, and those results are similar to what they desire, they will soon start to emulate you. Good stuff.

But there’s more to this story.

We all have dreams and desires. We all want our lives to be something more than they currently are…we crave expansion. This is our normal state, and expansion is what we came here to experience.

Our dreams and desires cause us to want to be a certain way – they cause us to want to be a certain type of person, or a person who lives by certain principles, a person who does certain things, a person who thinks as certain way. Our dreams and desires point us toward becoming our ideal self…and our dreams and desires come from our preferences and our passions. Those preferences and passions are something that you determined you would have before you came to this physical plane.

Everything that happens in your life – everything you are attracting – is designed to help you become that person you want to be. It is designed to draw you forward, expanding in the direction of the ideal person, and the ideal life. And for some reason, most of us resist this expansion with unreasonable effort.

As we resist, we struggle with life. We find that things always seem to crop up to block our path, the path that we (or those that have influence in our lives) have determined is the “right” path. When these obstacles come up, we see them as challenges to be overcome. But what if we are wrong?

Imagine, just for a moment or two, the challenges and obstacles in our lives are not meant to test us. Imagine they are not meant to shore up our determination. Imagine, instead, they are there as warnings or guideposts blocking our way to what we think we want when it conflicts with what we really want.

Our lives are not meant to be difficult. Achieving our true desires is not meant to be a stressful process. We are not meant to struggle in order to add value to the life we wish to achieve. We are powerful creators, and the only time struggle serves us is when it is pointing out something that we do not want in our lives, when it is guiding us toward what we do want.

When we stop resisting, we begin to live the life we desire. We draw to us the people, things, circumstances, and events that align with our purpose – our true purpose, not the purpose we are told, by others or ourselves, that we are supposed to have. We are drawn to become the person we truly want to be.

And when we begin to live in this manner, allowing our creations to support us in our desired life, allowing ourselves to truly blossom into living the life we desire, we inspire others. They will naturally be inspired by our success. They will be inspired by the ease of our lives. They will be inspired the our confidence and our belief that we are meant to live an amazing life of wonderful experience and expansion.

As you inspire others, they will begin to follow your example. They will begin to do just as you do – to follow their own path to becoming the person they want to be – to allow what they are attracting to come to them, and to feel the ease of it all.

The cycle continues from there. You continue to inspire them, and others, and as they begin to live their desires, they inspire yet more people. The ripples of you decision to “lead by example”, your decision to live your life as you wish, are limitless. It starts with you and your decision to be the person you want to be.

Will you make the decision to stop resisting? Will you decide to allow your desires to come into your life without the struggle you (and others) have believed necessary? Leave us a comment and let the community know of your commitment to living your best life – a life of personal significance. We’re listening.




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