Live YOUR Life



“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

~ Steve Jobs

From a very early age we are subjected to influences of many people. Our parents, our teachers, our peers…each tries to influence our lives by bombarding us with their opinions of how we should live, the choices we should make, and the actions we should take. These people do not do this from a point of malice, but they have a vision for our lives they are somehow compelled to push us toward. Usually these opinions don’t fit with who we are. They may work for others, but not for us.

If you quiet yourself and block out the opinions of others for a while, you will start to understand who you really are and who you are to become. You will begin to feel a pull toward the life you are meant to live. Move in that direction…the opinions and influences of others are not for you. Be your own person. Be true to yourself. This is the way to true happiness and to living a fulfilling life.


What is the life you are meant to live? What great purpose is calling you toward it?




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