Live Your Purpose

Purpose and Passion


“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

~ Gautama Buddha

Nothing will bring you a feeling of fulfillment like the experience of finding your purpose and giving yourself fully to it. When allowing your purpose to guide your every action, every thought, you will meet with a success in this life you cannot fathom without it. Giving yourself to your purpose you will discover each day filled with joy. Everything you do will be done with eager anticipation.

Finding your purpose is easier than you may think. Take a look at what drives you. List all the things you love to do. List the things that require a lot of effort, but it is effort you can hardly wait to put in. Now look at your list. You will see a common thread through these passions. If you don’t see it, look again. It is there. When you do see the common thread, you will know what your purpose is. Let that purpose drive your life. You will know if you are “on purpose” through your feelings. Happiness indicates you are on purpose. Keep on. Live the life you are meant to live.


Are you living “on purpose” or are you still searching? If you are searching, continue the search until discovering your purpose. It will be worth the effort.




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