Louder Than Words



“To truly live is to shout your dreams through your actions – each and every day.”

~ Don Francis

If someone was to observe you 24 hours per day, day in and day out, would they be able to determine the nature of your dream, your burning desire? When you are truly committed to your goal, your every action will be designed to lead you closer to the dream. Sometimes the actions are deliberate, but more often, they happen naturally, as the next logical step, because the desire is foremost in your mind and inspired action has become second nature.

Each action, no matter how small, is an important step in your journey toward your goal. When your actions speak of your dream, you find yourself feeling truly alive. You feel the progress toward your dreams, goals, and desires. Progress gives a sense of accomplishment. Progress gives a sense of momentum. Progress fills your life with the exhilaration of seeing your goal move closer and closer. Let your actions shout.


Would a stranger understand your goals through your actions?




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