Manifesto Statements – Part 2

Last week we took a bit of a closer look at each of the first 7 statements of the You, Unlimited Manifesto, now it is time to look at the rest of them. These statements are the guiding force of my own life, and of the You, Unlimited website, blog, and community. I seriously believe in the power of following them and letting them guide my actions, my thoughts, and my life.Manifesto - Web - 8-14

Okay…on with it

8. Follow YOUR passions…They are the window to your life’s purpose.

You passions are more than just something that thrills you. They are much more than things you like to do or things that interest you. Your passions are yours because they will help guide you to achieving your life’s purpose.

You came here for a reason…well many reasons, most likely, but you did come here, to this physical plain to help expand the Universe. You came to do this by experiencing contrast and solution to that contrast. You came here with preferences.

When you let your preferences guide you, you will find yourself living your passions. You will become deeply involved with working toward certain things…and those things will help you to accomplish your over-arching purpose.

I am not saying that you don’t have free will. You do. That is one of the most important parts of our lives. Free will means that we can choose…we can choose to follow our passions, or we can choose to ignore the drive they supply and live in any other way we choose. Again…it is your choice…but you will find yourself happiest when you are following your passions.

9. YOU are enough; you are worthy and deserving of all you desire.

So many of us feel that we are not enough, that we should be better than we are. We feel that we are less than other people we know, that we are not worthy of being noticed or of having the things that we desire in life.

We have let others convince us of this. We have let their opinions of what we do, think, and say influence us in negative ways. STOP!

You are absolutely enough. You are more than enough, and you deserve everything you have ever desired. Your desires are yours because you feel the having of them will help you to be happy…that you will feel better when you have what you want.

There is no right and wrong way to think. There is no right and wrong way to act. The things that you do and say are perfect for the time and place that you currently occupy. You have chosen to create the situation that you find yourself in…usually you co-create it, but none-the-less, you chose to create and experience it. ALL of it…the good and the bad.

You make your creative choices for a reason. The good things help you feel good, as well as help others to believe that good things are possible. The bad things show you what you don’t want and they motivate you to change the way things are…they give you dreams and goals.

You deserve to have what you want. You are absolutely capable of anything your mind can conceive…no matter how far-fetched…it is all a matter of perspective. Choose to believe that you are worthy of your desires. Keep in mind that you are enough, and only you need to feel that way for it to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

10. Dream big; live BIGGER.

You can have anything you want in life. You can achieve every goal, every dream, and every desire. Your mind has brought your desires to you for a reason…they will help you to achieve your purpose in this life.

Make your dreams big…why not? If you can achieve any dream, why not make them really count? Set an example for others by pursuing your dreams.

Now that you have decided to pursue your dreams, it is time to live like you mean to accomplish them. Go after them without fear. Go after them with a focused mind. Go after them with the intention of having exactly what you are looking for.

Live BIGGER than you dreams. Live like you cannot fail at anything, no matter how huge and daunting it might seem. You cannot fail at anything, unless, of course, you stop trying to achieve that thing. Believe in yourself. Believe that life is a grand adventure and that you are going to live it with all exhilaration that it can supply for you.

Live Out Loud!

11. YOU are the most important person in YOUR life; treat yourself like you are.

Who in your life could be more important than you? I have asked people who the most important person in their life is, and I have received many answers like their spouse, their children, their family…few of us value ourselves enough to believe that we are the most important person in our lives, and that is really sad.

We must take care of ourselves first. We must be foremost in our own mind because we will be of no use to anyone who might need our help if we don’t look after ourselves first.

You cannot be like anyone else, so you might as well be like you. And you might as well like yourself and treat yourself like you are the most important person in your life. You only have control of your own life, your own actions, and your own thoughts. Nobody else can control them…unless you let them…and you cannot control anyone else.

Treat yourself well. Stop beating up on yourself for making “mistakes.” The quotes are to emphasize that there really are no mistakes. There are only different perspectives, from which some things feel like mistakes. Everything happens in your life for a reason. Although you have free will, the Universe is constantly arranging and rearranging the circumstances, people, and events that will allow you to follow your life the way you planned it. You are right where you intended to be…congratulations…treat yourself to a celebration!

12. The only limits to what YOU can accomplish are those you place on YOURSELF.

We are unlimited beings. A part of us comes to this physical world to experience the contrast, make decisions, change things, and expand the Universe…only a part. We are all one, and we are all the Universe. The Universe is unlimited, and thus we are unlimited.

There is literally nothing you can’t accomplish. We all limit ourselves because we have been taught that there are limits by others who we respect, by others who have influenced our lives. Your limits are contained within your beliefs. You can change your beliefs, and so, you can change your limits. Make this your goal…get rid of limiting beliefs, or at least expand the beliefs, and keep expanding them until they include as much of possibility as you can muster…then start working on including impossibility.

Your beliefs are your choice. Your limits are your choice. Choose to keep believing in the limits, and they will remain as limits. Choose to expand your thinking and beliefs beyond those limits, and you will find yourself living a life that you couldn’t even conceive of from the perspective of your old limiting beliefs.

No limits! What will you do with that!

13. Your dream is not your destination…it is merely the reason to undertake YOUR journey.

JourneyDo you have a huge dream? You know…the kind of dream where you feel the end result will be the ultimate! You would have everything. Stop and think about that for a moment. If that was everything…the ultimate…then you might as well die when you get there. There would be nothing left to pursue.

Thank goodness that humans aren’t wired that way. When you accomplish something you sometimes bask for a bit in the glory of having achieved it, then you start looking around for something more…a new destination comes into sight.

Usually we don’t eve bask in the glory. Why? Because as we move toward our dream, we are taking the next logical step toward it. We get used to the way things are from that new place, and then take the next step. The last step often just seems like the next logical step. And we often pass right by that “huge” dream without even noticing that it has been achieved. It is not until we spend some time in contemplative reflection of our journey that we realize we have passed the dream by.

The destination is not the important part. It is the journey. It is the growth and expansion that we experience as we make our way toward, through, and beyond that dream. In pursuing the dream we are drawn through experiences, we meet people, we have thoughts, all which enrich our lives in so much more profound ways than anything we could have planned. The journey is the important part…but we would not embark upon that journey without a reason…without that “huge” dream.

The path up the mountain does not lead only to the top, but to every point along the path.

Enjoy the journey.

14. This is YOUR life…LIVE IT!

This is YOUR life, and yours alone. Nobody else can ever live it. Nobody will ever experience exactly the same things, in exactly the same way. You are unique and you travel through a completely unique life…YOUR life.

Your life will influence the lives of others, just as other lives influence yours. You will interact with many people in your life, and each touch we have with another human will have an impact. We cannot tell exactly what that impact will be, or how far reaching it will be, but it will have an impact.

Make your impact the best that you can make it. Live your life fully. Leave the world a better place for you having been here (you can’t help that anyway, but you can do it consciously – which is far more fun.)

Live your life the way that you want to live it. Make the most of this opportunity. Make your life a shining example to others. Let them see that you…and they…can live exactly how they desire…and we are all worthy and deserving of exactly that.

Live a life of personal significance. Live a life made for you, by you. Live without limits. Come away from this life fulfilled and exhilarated, with the knowledge that you lived your life as you chose.

That’s my take on these 14 statements. I hope that this helps to clarify what each statement means to me. I am interested to know what they mean to you. Please leave a comment and get some discussion going in the community.

If you missed it, read Manifesto Statements – Part 1 here.





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