My Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish 2015

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."

~ Norman Vincent Peale


This time of the year seems almost magical at times. I have always been a fan of Christmas and the whole holiday season. I love the way that it tends to bring out the best in people, and the way it often helps people to change their perspective to one of peace and acceptance.

This is a time of year when hope seems more possible. It is a time when gratitude and appreciation are at the forefront of our minds. It is a time of year when our generosity is at a peak.

There is really nothing different about this time of year, but there is a perception that it is different, and I am quite willing to let that perception wash over me. I try to get it started as soon as I can, and to have it last as long as I can hold it. It is worth the effort to hold onto it, and it is so easy when most other people are in the same frame of mind. Perhaps this really is magic!

The decorations, the music, the good is all a part of our Christmas or holiday experience. It is very special, and every year it renews my faith in people. This is the time of year when I reflect on my life, on the past. This is the time of year that I look forward, positively, to the future, and all of its possibilities. This is the time of year when I do my best to help others in any way that I can.

Each year, as I feel myself change internally with the approach of the season, I come to realize what a beautiful and full life I have. I realize and appreciate how very fortunate I am. I find myself wishing for the same for everyone else.

So my Christmas wish this year is comes straight from my heart, and I mean every word of it:

I wish you peace and joy in your life. I wish you enough challenge to keep you growing, and enough courage to face those challenges head on. I wish you appreciation and love, for yourself and for others. I wish you prosperity, health, and happiness, always, as you create, and journey through your Life of Personal Significance.

Have a safe and joyful season.


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