My Year In Reflection

Looking Back

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."

~ Confucius

As 2015 draws to a close, I take the time to reflect on what the year has brought my way, and of the changes that have happened throughout the year, both externally, and more importantly, internally.

Looking back a mere 365 days, I realize that I am, in some ways, unable to remember who I was. Of course, I remember the events that shaped my year, but the effects and changes that they brought to me are not so obvious. You see, the way I feel now seems natural and right...but the way I felt then seemed natural and right for the time.

The nice thing about time is that when you look back over large periods of time, you realize how much has happened, where you look at it in small chunks and it doesn't seem to change all that much. I had very few days this year that seemed radically different or that brought about big change during the year, yet, when I look back to where the year started, it actually amazes me at how far I have come in such a short time. As I began my year, there is no way that I could have predicted that I would be where I currently am.

My year was full of ups and downs (just like most people.) I moved...I moved back...I took steps forward...I took steps back. I plotted my course and set out along it; I changed my course; I went back and started again. I struggled...things came easily...I struggled again. No matter what I planned, no matter what I did, the adventure of my life kept moving forward, whether I wished it or not, whether I noticed it or not.

The people in my life have changed...some have moved out of my life, as we were finished with our need to interact. Some have remained, either in the same role, or in a new role. There are some new people in my life as well. They all play their part in my life, as I will play my part in their lives. How long we will remain in each others lives remains to be seen, but when all is said and done, we will have done our co-creating, and all is perfect.

My question to myself as I look back and reflect is, "am I living a life of personal significance?" This year, I am happy to report, the answer is yes...probably more so than in any other year. Why is that? I feel that it is because I intended, for most of the year, to live my life in this way. This is the year that I made the decision to live my life in this manner.

This is the year that it finally became clear to me that where I end up in life is of little is the journey that is important to me. Of course I have dreams and goals. I have preferences. I have desires. I am human, after all. I have just come to realize that it is my preferences that lead my thoughts and actions, and thus that is what controls the direction of my life. The Universe is doing as it is designed to bring to me the things that I think about the most, and with the most emotion. My dreams and goals are my destination, they are not my purpose, but rather, my reason to undertake my journey in the first place.

I have, during this year, become much more accepting of the way things are. I have learned, to some extent, to allow life to happen. I try my best to allow what I want into my life. It is not always an easy choice...I get impatient sometimes, and try to force things (to no avail)...but I know in my heart that everything will happen, everything will come, at exactly the right time.

Having taken the time to look back and reflect, I have a better understanding of how life works. I feel more certain that everything is working out for me...not necessarily as I planned, but for the best for all concerned. My year is a validation of my beliefs in how the Universe works to allow each of us to experience what we are attracting. It gives me confidence that all is as it should be...that there is nothing wrong, and that my life will be as I intend it to be.

I encourage you to spend a little time reflecting on your year. I am sure you will notice that things are progressing for you...that you are not in the same spot as you were a year ago. When you look at what has happened, from that longer perspective, I think you will find that the things that have happened in your life are the things that you had at the top of your mind during the year. If you noticed this, I hope that it suggests to you that you are in control of your life...that the Universe will deliver to you what you are thinking about...and thus, your thoughts are directing your life.

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