Never Quit



“You cannot fail at anything…unless you abandon all hope and cease to try.”

~ Don Francis

You have a desire, a dream, or a goal. You have been given that as a gift. It is a gift that will keep you moving forward in your life. It is a gift that provides you with a reason to continue to live your life. No matter how long you pursue this dream, you are not finished with it until it comes to pass.

Is it a failure if you have not achieved your goal? Not at all. It is just an incomplete. As long as you continue to strive for it, you have not failed. Failure only comes when you cease to try. You cannot fail as long as you never quit. No matter how big your dream, you are certain to succeed at it as long as you continue to try until it becomes a reality.


Is there something that you have abandoned? Will you try again, and again, or will you accept defeat?




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