On Purpose

Purpose“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Why am I here? What purpose does my life serve? These are questions that has been asked by pretty much every human being that has ever existed. They are philosophical questions that can never be answered with absolute certainty, and our answers are as individual as each of us is.

Within my belief system there are certainly answers to these questions, although the answers are not as simple as I would like to think. I have spent many reflective hours in search for clear answers. I know my purpose, at a high level, but it is not something that I can put into a clear, concise sentence or two.

One of the things that has become clear to me is that all of the things that I am passionate about, when I pay attention and pursue them, are leading me in the general direction of my purpose. As I pursue my passions I am accomplishing my purpose – always.

When I follow my passions, I am living my life on purpose. I am doing what is most important in my life. I am living my personal significance. I am creating the world, along with all of the others that are here. Together we are expanding the Universe.

My reflection on this is where one of the statements in the You Unlimited Manifesto comes from. “Follow YOUR passions…They are the window to your life’s purpose."

To live your life fully and have it be of personal significance to you, you must follow your passions. When you do you will find your life fulfilled; you will live a life that is full to the brim with joy, excitement, anticipation, and satisfaction. You will live your best life. You will be living ON PURPOSE.

We are often told by others that we need to follow the societal norms. We are sometimes told that we are wasting our time when we pursue the things that we love…the things that make us happy. But isn’t that the point? These things make us happy…so why not do those things?

Somehow we have gotten it wrong. I think that when we are discouraged from following our passions, it is just because the people discouraging us aren’t happy and don’t follow their own passions, and so they don’t think that anybody should be able to. Don’t let these nay-sayers sway you. Follow your passions and live your life as you decide. You are responsible for your life, so make it your best life.

Go on! Get out there and start living your life on purpose. If you are already following your passions and living your purpose, keep going! If we all did this, our world would be a much happier, more exciting, and more peaceful place.

Do you follow your passions? Do others discourage you from pursuing what you love to do? Do you discourage others? Take a few moments to think about these questions. Leave a comment and let the community know if you follow your passions, and if not, let us know if you will start. We’re listening.




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