One Year Since “You, Unlimited” Relaunched!

First Anniversary"You cannot fail at anything...unless you abandon all hope and cease to try."

~ Don Francis

It has been a year since the (re)launch of You, Unlimited. What has that year been about?

In July of 2015, I decided to re-launch You, Unlimited as something different than originally intended. I started the site back in 2011, with the intent of writing a book and using the site to promote it. The book never got written, and the site sat dormant for a few years. Last July I decided that I wanted to help people live a life of personal significance, and so I re-launched the site.

Since that time I have put a lot of time and effort into the site. I have posted in the Blog on a consistent basis (133 posts during the year.) I have been active on the associated twitter account (@youunltd) with 4600+ posts, and on the You, Unlimited Facebook page. All in all, I am getting my message out the best I can.

I cannot speak to how much affect my activities have had on the world. I can only hope that there have been some small glimmers of insight or inspiration for some. I have responded to each comment and contact. I have tried to encourage activity within the community. I have done what I can to spread my message.

One of the effects that I can say for sure has been a result of my activity, is that I have learned to apply my message to my life. I understand it much better than I did a year ago. It is now a part of every is ingrained in the way that I guides everything I do. It has adjusted my belief system to match my message...and life is good.

Am I living a life of personal significance? For the most part, yes. Do I still have room for adjustment and forward motion...most definitely. We will all continue to grow; we will all continue to adjust our desires and preferences. I feel that I am living my purpose, even though it also changes as I continue my journey.

So what's next for You, Unlimited. I will continue with what I have been doing. I am looking at finding better ways to express my message. I will adjust some of the post types as I go forward. I will learn more about writing. I will learn more about expressing my message, and I will learn more about engaging my audience. I hope to get the community to a point where it takes on a life of its own. I would love to see an outpouring of sharing and support between our members. I look forward to the day that the conversations start and continue without needing any input from me. I look forward to the members realizing that this is their site...and I want to help make it the best it can be.

And continues.

What would you like to see from You, Unlimited? What resources, blog topics, or anything else would you suggest? Leave a comment and let me know. Let's get a conversation started around this. Let the community know what you want this site to be. We're listening.




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