Pay Attention: It’s happening all around you


"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."

~ Albert Einstein


I have had an incredible week. I could not have planned it any better if I had tried. This week has shown me that the Law of Attraction is always at work, and it does its thing in the most amazing and unexpected ways.

There were three incidents that happened this week, each which made me step back and take a look at what I was really thinking about and where my thoughts, and thus my vibrations were.

First of all, on Monday, I got a surprise when I checked my bank balance. I have been doing some internal work about financial abundance, and the Universe gave me hand up. I thought my balance was higher than it should be, and sure enough, when I checked the details, I had received a few hundred dollars from an old place of employment – where I had not worked for more than a year.

Being concerned, I checked with that company to see why I might have received an amount from them. It turns out that they calculated that they owed me some vacation pay. This was certainly nowhere near my mind as far as how financial abundance would come to me. My lesson…decide on what I want and let the Universe decide how it will come to me.

Next, I had been thinking about learning to use one of the computer programs that I dabble with…I want to become more than a dabbler…I want to really get to know how to use this software so that I can take advantage of its true power.

I often take courses through Udemy (they have a course for almost anything). Now it just so happens that one of the instructors that I have taken courses from has developed a new course…teaching the piece of software that I was thinking about learning. He sent a message to all of his students from other courses and offered the new course for free, as long as we rated it when we are done. The Universe keeps delivering…after all, the course will be offered for $225 when it is offered to the general public!

Lastly, I had been thinking about some of the people I knew several years ago. I had a few friends that I have lost touch with over the years, and they came to mind recently.

I was drawn to the LinkedIn app on my phone when I accepted a contact request. Well the app wanted me to send out 240 or so contact requests to people in my phone’s contact list. I tried to push the “skip” button, but you know how phones are…tiny…and so I hit the okay button by accident. Off went 240ish unintended contact requests…

Well, within 5 minutes, I received an acceptance from on of the people I had been thinking about. Not only that, she sent me a message and we exchanged some current contact information. We had a phone call that day, and we have come to a collaborative agreement to do some business together…in an area I had only recently decided to pursue.

Three amazing happenings delivered to me by the Universe. All beneficial to me…all unexpected. And these are just the things I have noticed.

Some may say that these are coincidences…and perhaps they could be called such from our limited perspective…but I believe that coincidence is one of the Universe’s specialties. There was really no chance in these happenings. They were the deliberate answers to my desires.

Where do these seemingly amazing answers to my desires stem from? Is it because I do good deeds? Do I do things in a special way? Am I just lucky? I think it is just because I deserve it…I deserve all that I have in my life. I have put my desires out to the Universe, and, because I am not particular about how they come to me, the Universe is free to answer them in the best way possible. I place no restrictions, and thus I get some very quick manifestations at times.

Pay attention to what is happening around you. Acknowledge that there are some amazing things happening, just to bring the answers to your desires. Keep in mind the end result…what you want…but don’t worry about how. Things will come in ways you can’t imagine, and they will come fast if you allow them.

Let the community know about some of the amazing things the Universe is delivering to you. I am sure that we will see that there is no way all of this can be coincidence.




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