Permission to Change

Permission to Change

"Without change there would be no butterflies."

~ Various Attributions

We all have busy lives. We all seem to run out of time to do everything we want to do. Whether it is truly not having enough time, or it is because we don’t focus as much on what we want as we would need to, or it is because we have too many things on our plate, we aren’t able to do everything.

Because we can’t get everything done, we start to think of ourselves as failures. We have failed to meet all of our self-expectations. We begin to panic, or we begin to feel overwhelmed to a point where we freeze into inaction on everything, and our lives suffer. All parts of our lives begin to suffer. Our health starts to decline because we are stressed; our relationships start to suffer because we don’t have the time to put into them; our work starts to suffer because our sense of overwhelm keeps us from performing at our peak, or our lack of focus causes us to start missing deadlines.

It is time to take a step back and look at what is really important. It is time to step back and realize that all of this is self-imposed…our expectations have exceeded our current capacity. It is time to step back and realize that we are not failures, but we have just taken on too much and our lives can no longer hold it all.

It is time to release. It is time to change. It is time to give ourselves permission to let some of our “stuff” go and focus on what is truly important. It is time to give ourselves permission to change.

I have run into this recently, in my own life, and now I have come to the point that I must give myself permission to change…to change what I am doing…to change my priorities. I must give myself permission to let some things go.

I am passionate about putting my message out to the world. I am passionate about my mission. I am passionate about living a life of personal significance…but in my attempt to put my message out there, I have started to lose focus on the most important thing…actually living my life.

I have let the “rules” of what I am doing on this website and my Twitter feed, and my Facebook page get in the way of my own living. I have been posting 3 blog posts per week since the beginning of this year; I have been putting out 5 Tweets (images, quotes, and personal reflections) each day for the past year and a half. I also post most of these same messages to my Facebook page. It is a lot of work, and with all of this, I have let my own personal time slip away. I have concentrated so hard on what I am doing with “You, Unlimited,” that I have forgotten to follow my own message.

As many of you are aware, each year, around my birthday, I choose something that I have wanted to do for a while, and I pursue it during the next year. These things have included: learning to play classical guitar; learning to ride a unicycle (that didn’t go so well); and this year it is taking up photography. I signed up for a photography course. So, add in an extra 3 hours per week to my already overloaded schedule…so the overwhelm begins to set in.

Not it is time to let go of some of my rules. Now it is time to release some of the things that I was doing or that I am trying to do, so that I can once again focus on what is important…me, and my life of personal significance.

I know that I have my blog post topics chosen for the rest of the year (3 per week). I know that I have developed a strong following on Twitter (10.4K followers), and I know that there are a lot of people who look forward to my daily posts on Twitter and Facebook, but it is time to think about me. It is time to give myself permission to let some of this go.

I don’t yet know what things will look like when I am finished. I will make my decisions, and I will see where they lead. I needn’t be stuck with the decisions…if they work out, great, if they don’t, then there is always the opportunity to change again…and again…and again…until I am happy with the place I am, and the places I am traveling toward.

I know my readers will understand. When I do post, the posts will most likely be better thought out, rather than written quickly, under the pressure of a deadline. I will have other projects that will help to spread my message to those who are ready to receive it. I know now that I cannot just keep adding to my plate, but rather, I must move some things off of my plate so I can handle what I have, and do a good job of it.

I will continue to post to this website, but I am sure it will be on a less frequent basis, perhaps even a bit inconsistently, and I hope it doesn’t drive my readers away. I have to do this for me…I am sure you understand.

So, with that, I will move on with my life. I hope that you are busy doing the same with your own lives.

Can you give yourself permission to change? Can you let something go when you are overwhelmed? Do you feel you must finish everything and keep your commitments, even when it is detrimental to your health and well-being, or are you willing to give yourself permission to change so that you can live a happier and healthier life? Leave a comment and let the community know what you think. We’re listening.




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