Personal Preference

2 Paths“To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

What do you prefer in your life? Where do those preferences come from? Is there any control that you have over your personal preferences?

These are all very good questions, and many of us have asked them of ourselves. Many of us have also not received any answers. Although, in the big scheme of things, it may not really matter if we have control over our preferences, it would be nice to know how they come about.

I believe that our preferences are determined by us, in general, before we come to this world. We decide on the types of things we want to experience in this life, on this physical plane, and then we put ourselves into a situation that will encourage us to experience just that. Along the way, we experience the contrast of the world, and we apply our preferences to those contrasts, deciding what we don’t like and what we do like.

Our preferences are, of course, for the things that we do like. The things we want in our lives, the things we want more of in our lives…and each of us has different preferences. You will most likely notice that those around you have similar preferences to you. They will enjoy and be happy with much the same types of things that you like.

However, there are many in this world that have quite different preferences to you. They will most likely not cross your path often, but when they do, there tends to be some negative feelings and situations. There can be great dislike, judgement, and conflict. This is quite normal. It is the way of the Universe.

When you come across somebody or something that strongly opposes your preferences, you are put in a situation where you react with dislike and distrust. You feel the other is wrong in their thinking. You feel stress when you are around them, even animosity. This, is not only normal, but I encourage it to some extent.

You see, when you find something that goes against your preferences, you strengthen what you prefer. You recognize something you don’t want, and it makes you want what you do want…more than ever before. It can actually spur you on to action that you may not have otherwise taken, and that action will move you toward what you prefer. It may be action that will positively affect many.

There is nothing wrong with experiencing what you don’t want or don’t like. It gives you conviction…it helps you set intent…to change your world to match what you do want. It gives you strength that you never knew you had. It is the motivating factor for an improvement in your life.

I encourage you, then next time you meet with something not of your liking, to allow it to move you toward an improved life, more to your liking. Instead of despising, hating, or allowing it to anger you, use it as an influence…a positive influence that allows you to embrace it as the motivation you need or desire to move you to the life you intend to live.

Can you see the “negative” as a positive influence? Will you invite it into your life to serve as a motivator? Leave a comment and let the community know how you have dealt with things you don’t like in the past…and/or let us know how you intend to deal with these things in the future. We’re listening.




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