Question Everything

question 2"Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing."

~ Euripides

It is a part of our current culture that we accept much of what is told to us by our parents, our teachers, our friends, and others that we look up to in our lives. This is only natural as they were the people who taught us how this world operates. They are the ones who supplied the lessons that enable us to get along in this world.

But…what if they are wrong. What if our world only operates as it does because that is what we expect? What if it is our beliefs and expectations that determine how our life goes? What would that mean to us?

Well, let’s examine that for a moment. If the Universe arranges itself to match our beliefs and expectations, then, keeping things status quo will not change a darned thing. Things will continue to be exactly as they have been…after all, that is what we expect and believe.

Let’s take a bit further look at this concept. Let’s suspend doubt for a bit and make the assumption that my proposition is correct…the Universe arranges itself to match our belief and expectations…

Our beliefs and expectations originally come from our parents and others who have influence in our lives…people we respect. These beliefs and expectations are supported by the Universe, and we are supplied with matching experiences, which further convince us that our beliefs and expectations are true and real. We continue to believe the same things. We continue to expect the same results…and…the Universe delivers.

It is easy to see how this is a self-perpetuating situation…and it falls in with my proposition.

Now let’s look at a situation that most of us don’t pursue with intent. Let’s change our beliefs…we can make small changes, or they can large…almost incomprehensible (small changes to our expectations don’t challenge our beliefs quite so much, so they will more likely be accepted by ourselves, but if you can believe that large changes can occur, the by all means…have at it!)

What happens when we change our expectations, and our beliefs, is that the Universe will arrange itself to support what we expect and believe. Hard to swallow, but I really believe that I am correct in this view of how things work. I know it is hard to believe in such an outlandish (from our current perspective) idea…but I propose that you give it a try…using small or large, consistent changes in your thinking patterns. You see, a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking. So, to change your beliefs, you merely (merely!) need to consistently think different thoughts.

I like to start the process by questioning things that I have always believed to be true. I question them and think…what if…what if it was like this instead…

We have been taught many things in our lives…but are they true? Of course they are, as long as we believe them to be true. Can something different be true? Of course it can, as long as we believe it to be true.

Of course, if I am correct about the way things work, then we will never really know. After all, once something becomes a belief, the Universe supports it, but it will be exactly what we expect…so has anything really changed? Perhaps you might actually write down some of your current thoughts and beliefs, and then go about changing them. That way you can look back and see if anything has really changed.

Question everything. All that we have learned was originally thought by somebody…so why not be the one on the leading edge. Why not try thinking some new thoughts and see where it takes you.

Does this make sense to you? Are you willing to give up what you have for something different? If so, I encourage you to start immediately…and let the community know what you are up to…we want to know!




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