Resistance is Futile



“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.”

~ Marilyn Ferguson

Change is inevitable in our lives, especially if we are striving for something. By default, striving is bringing about change. We are resistant to change. On a conscious level most of us don’t want to change. We put up a wall or a gate to keep change away. We guard the status quo with an apprehensive possessiveness.

No matter how much we resist, change will happen. Progress will continue to happen, in spite of any resistance we may offer. We desire change in the face of the incongruous resistance we offer. The acceptance of change comes from within…from the same place as the resistance. We have it within us to embrace change so we may move forward and see our deepest desires become reality. Let go of the paradox…resistance is futile.


Are you resisting the very thing you desire, because you don’t want change? How can you enable yourself to accept the change you desire and resist at the same time?




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