Allowing"If you are ending up where you want to be, what difference does it make whether you went fast or slow? Or what difference does it make whether it was painful before it got really good? Isn't that the point of free will? You get to choose."

~ Abraham

Have you ever felt like you were slipping? Like you have varied widely from your intended path? Have you ever thought that you were so far off course that you will never get back? Have you ever felt like giving up because things have gone terribly wrong?

If you have felt like this, then you are among many who have felt something similar. We intend the best for our lives, but somehow things don’t seem to be working out for us.

Well, I have some good news about this. No matter how far off course you feel, no matter how wrong things seem, you are right on track. As a matter of fact, you can’t get off track.

When we set our intentions…when we discover something that we want in our lives…when we have a dream of something different, then that dream or desire is certain. There is no way to go astray. There is no way to get off track.

Of course, we have free will in our existence here on this physical plane. We are free to make choices as we see fit…or as we do by not making a choice (choosing by default.) But not matter what our choices, the Universe is constantly lining up all of the things, people, circumstances, and events to bring our desire to us. No matter what we choose, our desire is certain…it just may come in a different form, or at a different time…and certainly by a different path.

But the thing to keep in mind is that it is certain…for as long as we still desire the outcome. You can’t get off track. You can’t go wrong. You are always in a perfect place and what you desire is always coming to you…in the perfect timing.

So, I suggest that you stop fretting about getting it wrong. Stop worrying that you have taken a wrong turn. You have only adjusted the path, not gotten lost. Relax about it. Enjoy the unfolding of what is coming to you. After all, it is you who decided what you wanted, so now prepare to have it. Leave the “how” to the Universe. Your job is to focus on the “what” and the “why,”

Are you willing to accept that you can’t go wrong? Are you willing to stop worrying about your choices and allow the Universe to bring to you everything you desire? Leave us a comment and let the community know if you can accept this premise. Let us know why I’m crazy. Tell us what you really think. We’re listening.




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