Small and Simple Has a Profound Effect



“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Actions need not be grand to have a profound effect on the world. A simple kind word to the right person at the right time may move through the world in ever widening ripples and can end up changing the world in completely unexpected ways. A simple act of kindness, a simple extra effort, reaching out just to remind somebody that life is a gift…each of these can have more effect than an earth-shattering event.

Large events change the world rapidly and usually end up as a destructive force in some way, whereas small events are more likely to have longer lasting, further reaching effects…the small ones are less noticeable, but if examined over time, they are at least as powerful. The world is seldom prepared for the large, quick changes, but the small slow changes are easily accepted and absorbed.


What action will you take today to start the world changing for the better?




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