Sometimes You Have to Go Without A Plan

Compass"Changing your plan isn't a is just a recognition that you are ready to alter the direction you're moving in."

~ Don Francis

I am quite strict with myself about my blog posts. Since the relaunch of the You, Unlimited Website in July of 2015, I have never missed a planned posting time. I feel very good about that. Today, I have a problem…you see, I have planned what I am supposed to write about…but I’m not inspired by the topic…What do I do?

I have decided that rather than write an uninspired post (which I am sure you, as reader, would feel) I have decided to just write and see what comes up. Sometimes you have to go without a plan.

I often find myself following a plan that I have developed…and I follow it even after it no longer serves me. Why is that? I feel that there is nothing wrong with planning…after all, it gets us moving (or at least it should, as long as you don’t get stuck in the planning and forget to put the plan into action.) It helps us to determine the first steps in getting to where we want to go. But planning too far into something is not always the best idea.

In our society we are taught that we “must have a plan” and it is frowned upon not to follow the plan…even when it stops serving its purpose. We trudge through, becoming uninspired, frustrated, and eventually burdened by the plan that no longer fits our needs. We have to stop this.

Getting moving toward a goal or dream is important. It keeps us on purpose. But following an outdated plan is detrimental to that very dream or goal. Our plans should be inspired. Our plans should excite us and make us feel alive. They should be flexible, and even disposable as the need arises.

Circumstances, people, and events change constantly…often because of our plans and the actions we take toward them. Our plans should be able to change to match our new situation and our new position relative to our goal or dream.

Remember, your life is about you…and so it should be your life…your plan to change at any time you see fit. Take a step back every once in a while and look to see if you are still headed where you want to go. Don’t hesitate to scrap a plan – we are taught that scraping a plan is to waste the effort that has been put into it so far, but it isn’t so. We have changed, grown, and expanded though the experience…it is not wasted.

So the next time you find your plans are not serving you, examine them and see if they are still the right thing. If not, adapt them, or abandon them…set a new plan, and move in the direction of the new one. Give yourself permission to change your mind…this is your life. Live it for you. Don’t worry about what others might think…it doesn’t matter.

Leave a comment and let the community know if you are ready to take control by releasing the control your plans have on your life. Tell us what is stalling you, or what is moving you forward. We’re listening.




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