Squirrel! – A Fresh Look at Distractions

"Instead of fighting against distraction, try to embrace it and look for the golden lining."

~ Don Francis

Distractions in our everyday life can be annoying. We are trying to get something done, or trying to learn something and suddenly…Squirrel!

The reference to “Squirrel!” comes from the movie “Up.” I’ve embedded a short video below in case you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about.

Personally, I find distractions, although annoying at times, are filled with wonderful possibilities. When something catches our attention, it is for a reason. We, far too often, push the distractions away, negating the impact that they could have on our lives. We are taught that this is how we should deal with distractions. I have a different opinion.

You see, I feel that the things that come into our lives that are not exactly on point with what we are trying to do at this exact moment, are of use to us. They are things that we have attracted into our lives, and they don’t show up without a reason. They always have a purpose.

I have many people tell me that these distractions, as I allow them to play out in my life, are keeping me from getting what I want done. Perhaps…at this time…but I am quite willing to let the squirrels grab my attention. Who is to say that they will not lead to a better way of doing what I am doing? Who is to say that they won’t springboard me into a new project that will have a far greater impact on my life?

I can’t count the number of times that I have followed a “squirrel” to find myself immersed in something that becomes a passion…something that leads me toward living the life that I want to be living…something that enriches my life, and the lives of those around me. I won’t ignore the squirrels of my life…I will let them lead me where they will.

If you find that you have truly been led away from where you intended to be, without any enrichment of your life, without any advancement or insight into your passions and purpose, then you can simply return to what you were doing…sure you might be a bit behind your “schedule,” but I am sure you will be no worse for wear. Furthermore, you might find yourself reinvigorated and more determined to accomplish what you have set out to do…so the distraction may have served a purpose after all.

Keep in mind that most of us take life far too seriously. It is really supposed to be fun. The distractions may just be there to keep things light.

There can be many purposes served by distractions. Don’t let them get you down. Look for the golden nugget within them…whether they are there to teach you something about yourself, to improve upon what you are doing, to bring a new project or direction to light, or to re-motivate you in the direction you were travelling, they will serve you if you will let them. Be easy about them.

Have you ever had a distraction that served you in this way? Let us know about it. Your story will help encourage others to allow the squirrels of their life to lead them to lives of personal significance.


About Don Francis

Writer, Student of Life, Life-long Learner. Don Francis is interested in creating his success by helping others to become successful. Having become aware of the true nature of human beings - as unlimited, spiritual beings having a human experience - he is constantly looking for ways to share this discovery with others. He hopes that others will read his writing, understand what he is trying to convey, and join him in the marvelous adventure that this life is meant to be. He hopes to inspire others to live a life of personal significance.


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