Surprise Yourself



“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

~ Thomas A. Edison

We all underestimate our capabilities. I believe we are capable of absolutely anything. Many things might seem impossible to us, or to others, but when we grab hold of an idea and allow ourselves to believe that it is possible, it becomes so. We have unlimited potential. There is nothing outside of the realm of our capability.

Establishing the belief that we can do something is often the most challenging part of our life. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the opinions of others, by the confines of what has been done before. Remember that everything that has been done in the world was once done for the first time. Somebody believed it could be done, and so they went ahead and found a way to do it. You can do this as well. You are meant to do it. No matter how difficult or unlikely you feel that something is, if you can develop a true belief that you can do it, you will surprise yourself. You will understand that it was possible all along.


What surprises do you have in store for yourself?




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