Take Responsibility for Your LIfe

change“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

~ Wayne W. Dyer

Have you ever complained about something? Have you ever blamed someone or something for what is happening to you? I’m sure you have. We all have. But what we need to do is to realize that we are responsible for everything in our lives…so stop complaining and do something about it.

You have control of your life…or at least you are meant to. You should have control, so when something isn’t how you want it, change it.

I know so many people who spend a lot of time and effort complaining, laying blame, and generally being unhappy with their lives. It surprises me that we are not taught from a young age that we have complete control, so it is up to us to take the responsibility for everything in our lives.

Many people will argue with me on this point…well they will disagree, I’m not going to argue with anyone. They will tell me that I’m nuts. There is no way they have control of the situation. I disagree.

There is always a choice in any situation. You can face it in one of three ways:

Exit the situation

If you don’t like the situation, then get out of it. Leave. Go do something else.

Many will tell me that it isn’t that simple. Say they are unhappy about their job. They tell me, “I can’t just leave.” Of course you can. This is always a choice…however, I do understand that this may cause other hardships, and so the person feels they can’t leave…but it is a valid choice.

I do understand that most of us like to continue to eat, and have a place to live, and have the other necessities of life, and so, just walking out of a job, or letting go of a relationship or situation that you are struggling with, isn’t the right choice for us…but it is a choice.

If it isn’t the right choice for you then you can always…

Change the situation

Changing the situation is another way we can improve things. Take control of the situation. Talk to the other people involved. Explain how the situation isn’t a good one for you…and explain why. Of course, I suggest that you have a solution in your explanation…otherwise you are relying on others to change things for you…and that isn’t going to be any better than where you are now.

You can change the circumstances of the situation. That will change the outcomes. Keep the outcomes you desire in mind as you craft the change that will be your solution. Starting with the end in mind is important.

Sometimes we’re not in a position where we can change the circumstances…and we are not in the right place to exit the situation…but there is still a way to take control…

Change your perspective

Change your perspective. This means that you change the way you think about the things involved with the situation.

You have complete control over your thoughts, and so, this is always a viable solution. When you change your perspective, you can find yourself much more accepting of the situation…you may even find that you like the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that changing your perspective is easy, but it is always possible. If you don’t have the option of the first two solutions brought forth here, then you always have this one.

I am not suggesting that changing your perspective be the “last resort.” It is probably a good choice in any situation. It may help you to not feel that you are running away, and not insisting that everyone else follow what you want. It is a solution that need only affect you, but you will be surprised by the effect that it can have on you. It can completely change your life. It is so simple…but as I said, not always easy.

So there you have it. Take responsibility for everything in your life, for you are the only one who is responsible for it. Stop complaining and take control. It is within you to do.

I know this post will raise some hackles, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about this. Go ahead, post a comment. Let the community know what you think about this. Are you responsible for your life? We’re listening.




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