Thank You!

Thank You"I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes."

~ e. e. cummings

Another month draws to a close. As I take a step back and look at what has happened in my life in the last 90 days – since the beginning of the year – I have to acknowledge that there are forces far greater, and far wiser, than my own physical self at play in my life.

Although my life has taken many unexpected twists and turns since the beginning of 2016, I have to admit that I am on track...more than on track...with where I planned to be along my journey in this life. I seem to be exactly where I should be, and things are happening, each and every day, that move me toward the place I want to be...toward the life I wish to be living.

I can't account for everything that has happened...or at least I can't take credit for it. Subtle changes in my life...a tiny unexpected (even unacknowledged) piece of knowledge here, a "chance" meeting there, a casual conversation that brings some enlightenment, understanding or inspiration. There is no denying that all of this is happening, but when I step back and take a broader perspective, there is no doubt in my mind that everything is happening with a purpose...with a grand plan in place.

I have to admit that if I had tried to get to where I am...if I had forced it - "made it happen" through my own efforts...I would be nowhere close to where I am now along my path...and I would be exhausted from the shear energy and effort it would have taken. And so, I have to take a moment to pause and appreciate everything in my life, and all that is happening, and I have to say, "Thank you!"

My appreciation runs deep. I find myself in awe. I find myself so much happier when I recognize that I am not “alone” in my pursuits in this life. I find great joy in knowing that things are always working out for me – that they will move forward with or without my conscious intention, in spite of my efforts.

Thank you to the Universe. Thank you to my higher self. Thank you for the consciousness that allows me to experience the contrast of this life – enabling me to determine what I want and don’t want (showing me more of what I do want) in my life and this physical world.

Do you recognize similar happenings in your life? Can you see that there is a plan? Do you recognize that your life is moving with an unseen force? Leave a comment and let the community know how you feel about this…share an unexplained experience…give us an overview of your journey. We’re listening.




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